The smartphone era, the world map of game industry change

the world map of game industry because of the popularity of smartphones and a large number of new TV game launch will usher in a new development opportunity. Tencent – activision blizzard ea (EA) – ,, 4 thus changes the relationship between the big.

and day, activision blizzard’s market value has reached the 158 $, big than their competitors EA (52 $ ) . Although activision blizzard’s share price at the end of last year dropped to 10.5 $, but recently because of will be published in the years of the Playstation 4 , as well as Microsoft’s the Xbox 720 publish details of the published, share price climbed into the and $.

EA in last summer’s market capitalisation fell about 3.6 $, at the same time, the market value of about 9 $. Statistics show that at the time, Mr Bernanke bought 14.7% NCsoft of the company, had planned and NCsoft a joint bid for EA management. But EA enter 2013 years showed a strong upward momentum.

EA former and both video game and network game of activision blizzard, the Chinese giant tencent launched fierce competition, but now the market position to be much less.

in Japan, for example, in addition to Japan’s leading mobile phone game makers gungho, build the social gaming platform of DeNA and gree the market value of more than a lot of traditional TV game makers, are in the crazy pursuit,. Japan local market also has a lot of new companies on the rise.

the game industry related people said “through the acquisition of growth of 4 one of the giants of na, if can do full time in the field of mobile games, may realize the market reversal.