The same learning to apple: why new flagship samsung grow with generation?

samsung in the past few years to apple’s strategy of “with type” known. This time, samsung copying apple copying their own ways. This is The science and technology on The Verge of samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S IV evaluation.

why do you say that?

let’s take a look at how coincidence: apple iPhone 5 is the iPhone 4 s shape and appearance of the integral constant, hardware to enhance the system update.

samsung Galaxy S relative to the Galaxy S III IV: shape to zoom in a circle, appearance or plastic shell, hardware tier, added some slick function on android.

although apple iPhone 5 is blamed for innovation fatigue, but still become the best-selling products. Samsung’s new flagship to keep with the appearance of the previous generation of flagship, completely is samsung version of the strategy of “apple”, the purpose is also the continuation of the SAN product and impact of the new sales peak.

after the iPhone 5 launch, once had a friend said apple should learn BMW BMW naming rules: the iPhone 4, iPhone 4 s… Extended iPhone 5 should be called the iPhone 4 Li, together is a family of 4. Also, according to the naming rules of apple type, the new flagship of the samsung should not be called the Galaxy S IV, it should be called the Galaxy S IIIs.

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