The report to show you first to understand the status of the domestic food industry O2O

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product way consulting recently released the first O2O catering industry report – the 2012-2013 China food industry O2O development report, carried on the thorough analysis of China’s food industry O2O market. Product way consultancy, found that after 2012 years of China’s online users and offline merchants network consciousness continues to increase, in the core industrial chain link, connecting users online and offline businesses catering O2O web site or application rapidly increased, and the user experience is increasing; Combined with other offers to pay, CRM, the closed-loop test basic services such as enterprise, Chinese restaurant O2O industry more perfect industrial chain, the good foundation for the fast development of the market. From the data level, in 2013 China’s catering industry O2O online user scale will exceed 100 million, 139 million. In 2013 China’s catering industry O2O market scale will reach 62.28 billion, up 61.1% compared with 2012; By 2015, China’s catering industry O2O market scale will reach about 120 billion.

2013 China food industry O2O online user scale will reach 139 million

food is the most relevant industry and People’s Daily life, with the popularity of Internet, more and more users start trying to catering group purchase and reservation online, online download coupons to go offline restaurant consumption is becoming more and more popular. Product way consultation via the Internet (including PC and mobile terminal) purchase, catering, and download the dining coupons to offline consumption of O2O business users online users are collectively referred to as catering industry, only use the Internet query catering information is not included in the user scale. In 2012, according to the Chinese restaurant O2O online business users $098 million, up 58.1% compared with 2011; 2013 Chinese restaurant O2O online business users will be more than 100 million, 139 million. In the next few years, restaurant O2O business users will continue to maintain rapid growth, is expected to more than 200 million to 2015 the scale.

2013 China food industry O2O the size of the market is expected to be 62.28 billion yuan

China’s catering industry offline market scale is large, the O2O of food and beverage market development provides a broad prospect. Product way consultation, according to data from 2012 Chinese restaurant O2O market size of 38.66 billion, up 87.1% from 2011. The size of the market will grow by 61.1% in 2013 to 2013. By 2015 Chinese restaurant O2O market scale will reach about 120 billion.

2010 years ago, restaurant O2O website mainly by providing reservation or coupons for offline merchants import form of passenger flow, and to charge a percentage of commission or advertising. In 2010, the rapid development of the market makes the rapid growth of the Chinese restaurant O2O market growth trend is more obvious in 2011. At the same time, all kinds of food and beverage service and application, especially the Internet giant actively promote, plus offline catering businesses increasingly attach importance to the role of network channels, the whole restaurant O2O maintained high growth market. In spite of this, from the point of penetration, restaurant O2O market size also is very small, the proportion of total food and beverage industry in 2012 was only 1.7%, will reach 2.4% in 2013.

mobile terminal will be the most important developing direction of food industry of O2O

under the background of mobile Internet era, each big restaurant O2O enterprises with the mobile terminal on the important strategic position, and to the mobile power has become a measure of the important indices for each restaurant O2O enterprises core competitiveness. Product road consulting statistics for each big market mainstream restaurant O2O enterprise application downloads, data shows that as of July 19, 2013 public comments on web client at the top of five application download channels been downloaded more than 60 million; America, glutinous rice, handle and’s group at the top of the second to fifth place. Life service preferential application pudding coupons, tintin is favorable, beans coupons, followed by order small secretary in 268000 downloads a row in the back.

O2O catering industry shift will be driven by online to offline


China’s catering industry market is still in very early stage, the development of the market at present stage is almost entirely driven by online Internet companies, offline catering businesses are mostly passively accept. In the long run, as the catering business Internet consciousness gradually strengthened, familiar with network tools of deepening, the Internet on the threshold of the offline catering businesses will be more and more low; Food and beverage business is expected to actively promote the development of food industry O2O. From the perspective of online platform, catering businesses, independent, allowing them to use the online platform, it can save the online Internet enterprise resources; Both of the big three big platform strategy, and public review and the net open in the future, they are dependent on local businesses, including food and beverage, self-awareness; Can only wait for offline catering businesses independently using the Internet, Chinese restaurant O2O can truly, as can produce the next taobao’s huge market.

“2012-2012, China’s catering industry O2O development report analyses the background of the rise of China’s catering industry O2O market reasons, and the market status (including user scale and the size of the market) summarized in interpretation. On this basis, the report has chosen two online O2O companies and two offline catering business case analyses, their development course and the possible challenges are analyzed in detail, the report is a reference for relevant industry practitioners and researchers.

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