The real cause for samsung launched in the U.S. the Galaxy S4

samsung President ShenZong IM department are revealed in the United States released the real reason for the Galaxy S4.

ShenZong both President told the Wall Street journal said in an interview: “conference held in New York in the United States is the first time, our market share of samsung in the United States is not satisfied.”

in the United States for the first time to separate conference to open the new strategic smartphone Galaxy S4 is showed that the intention of the American market of the occupation. Samsung electronics, although the overall mobile phone market share ranking the first in the United States, but in the fourth quarter was pushed into second place.

ShenZong all President said “the Galaxy S4 has a unique function, in the development of the smart phone in order to achieve the best effect of the UI and the software, 120 patents. And recruitment in the development of India, Russia, China, Europe and other places of many software engineer.”

and he said: “pick up Tizen system of smart phones will open in the third quarter. We are working at about Bada and TizenOS system integration. Samsung’s strategy is to provide a variety of OS (operating system) to the consumer and the third party company.” Instead, he said for Microsoft’s Windows operating system: “Windows smartphone and tablet computer sales is not very good, like android market, even the Windows is not very popular in Europe.”

for recently is often talk about “the samsung and Google don’t”, he said he would continue to use the android with Google will also continue to maintain good relations, samsung and Google disputed is nonsense.

ShenZong both President said, “I am very care for intellectual property rights, advanced technology and provide better application methods. Wacom used to be our main parts supply companies, now has become our partners, if given the chance, we hope to be able to get to corporate takeovers in the United States.”