The President and CEO of HTC’s biggest problems: management problem

Beijing time on August 8, news, HTC from their peak fall into the trough, as the chairman of ms wang have responsibility? Chief executive Peter Chou, do you have any responsibility? This weekly recently wrote about this problem.

ms wang: full authorization, too believe team

a from HTC grassroots employees leaving the company said: “a year, only the Christmas party and annual teeth (minnan region businessman ritual activities) to see her (ms wang), other times, to find her spiritual food hall (Christian TangMing) opportunities would be even greater.” Ms wang rarely interfere with the company’s operations, all to professional managers care, via is such, HTC also is such.

however, HTC performance past performance is not ideal, ms wang for business participation more than ever. Over the past six months, she every week to HTC north new city a new office, at the same time, it will go via look, by the way.

early PDA Palm OS companies had offered ms wang, but she thinks the price is too expensive eventually give up. Looking back on it now, today’s smart phones have into the operating system platform competition, the size, specification, all is the second, HTC in the mobile phone is the lack of the support of the operating system platform on the competition. Due to ms wang lack of foresight on the market, HTC missed a perfect opportunity.

an unnamed HTC employees thought, from the point of view of investors, ms wang has not asked the board to give full play to the role. Ms wang of the trust of the people, let people around she learned to read the state of mind, so as long as ms wang interested in investment proposals, as long as don’t have much negative effect, most of ms wang would agree.

ms wang to appreciate others’ advantages, let subordinates, director of the play. In both via and HTC, ms wang for the management team are respect, let them play. “Employing not suspect, people don’t have to” is her philosophy of choose and employ persons. Is not so much she trust them as she was too trust our judgment of choose and employ persons.

Peter Chou problem: strategy changing

Mr Chou to former SONY Ericsson’s foreign legion, but this group of people is not a top talent, nor make any achievement, but with a high salary. Peter Chou, the side is very high, as a result, many of the original people have left.

HTC encounter difficulties, Mr Chou strategy changing, let everybody are hard to follow.

HTC has been criticized for not cheap mobile phone, this Mr. Chou said: “the mobile phone sales prices in mainland China, even the HTC less than half!” (Risen)