The pioneer of lei jun how beautiful MIUI into millet?

author: Li Qingle

, known as “ray booth millet lei jun, founder of tree jobs, for example, in” triathlon “(hardware, software and services) development model, attempts to create similar apple closed-loop ecological system. But the last two years, the public see more news from the millet mobile phone hardware.

as lenovo, huawei, zte, a large number of domestic smart phone to take the same “high configuration, low price” strategy across the domestic low-end smartphone market, millet mobile phone “cost-effective” advantage of former seemingly will cease to exist. Lei jun has been thinking about how to make use of other weapons in the ace: beautiful MIUI. Recently, lei jun at “the count of China to hundreds of” public speech can reflect more. the following content according to lei jun speech content summary.

hold what all don’t understand the mentality to do business, product

lei jun believes that the core of the second startup is no good reason is that mind-set, impatient for success, think you know everything, feel oneself is very severe. So, was founded in millet, lei jun put the heart to what all don’t understand the state of the business, to do the product.

lei jun memories:

“we hold such a mentality to do product, the first product is called beautiful MIUI. What beautiful MIUI ROM this pressure is, is after brush to mobile phones, there are technical difficulties, not general users can use. Began more than two months we found only 100 users. As an Internet company it is very poor.

one hundred people to appreciate it, we put the name of the one hundred people, wrote about the splash screen, a start you can see the one hundred personal name, and we had the one hundred personal name, all added to our address book. Not many people at that time we, 20 or 30 people, each one of us to know all of them. And each of us wants to listen to their views. Then we have no advertising, no promotion channels, no resources, even is confidential. In this case, what we do, we put all the effort spent on products, on the user, to communicate with users.

a miracle, the first Monday of one hundred people, two hundred people, the second week, the third Thursday of one hundred people, the fifth week of eight hundred people, that is how we grew up a little bit, not long ago, we had fifteen million users.”

with, lei jun emphasizes “don’t put the user when the Numbers look, when friends see” he felt that Internet companies bring the vices of the quantitative management is that how many people we came up a day is active, on how many active, increase how much, no one alive. When you really go to visit and understanding of a user, you will find that the number is not the same as Numbers, a highly satisfied users, can give you ten users, a loyal users, can bring you at least one hundred users. Believe users, users reputation.

this process the answer has been not answered for millet “hunger marketing” “buy futures” question: the best marketing, is good products and good services. If you really get ready, it actually all follow.

idea on the product rather than marketing

Mr Luo to “stand in the intersection of science and technology and humanities” requirement to build a hammer ROM, to the most fashionable and most humane. On March 27, hammer ROM conference, Mr Luo xi pick “LeiJunTai soil”, the implication beautiful MIUI lack of innovation. In more than 10 days of rice noodles, lei jun euphemism position themselves in the pursuit of product excellence.

work hard to make a perfect product, with the spirit of perfectionism to do your products well and can do a good job, the user is buying it. He gave us a small details, such as wallpaper, in order to find a wallpaper for beautiful MIUI, they looked at close to one million photos, they even started a software, choosing wallpaper. And found is hard to find a good wallpaper, because inside the good is on the lock screen wallpaper, on the wallpaper with charts don’t fight, the more meaningful, details, and 90% of people like, no one is against, disgusted.

last July, millet launched “the masses” looking for wallpaper, hundreds of yuan for wallpaper. Last Tuesday, lei jun kua haikou again, if anyone can make a better figure than the five pieces of wallpaper, commitment to 1 million yuan to buy a piece of wallpaper.

believes that Internet thinking tactic: 7 word focus, acme, word of mouth, fast

do mobile phone on the Internet before thinking, for the development of the beautiful MIUI also try.

focus: can you put your focus to the point, because converge, is penetrating.

acme: can you put your things perfectly, what is called acme, I explained to me that a friend, acme is driving yourself mad, kill others, if you not crazy, it may not be to the extreme.

word of mouth: more than expected is the word of mouth, well done, is certainly not have word of mouth, do not generally good, just can have word of mouth. So do a good product, there is no word of mouth, you have to do is very good, is word of mouth.

fast: martial arts all over the world, only fast not broken.

the us local time on April 17, apple shares down dip at $400. This is the first time since December 2011, intraday fell below $400. And also in apple released Tuesday during the week before earnings in the first quarter of this year, Wall Street analysts are revenue for apple and iPhone sales forecast.

apple as millet once a mock object, after the worse after a strong challenge from samsung, lei jun had to rethink. Not stick to the iPhone ar model, a year in millet rice festival this year except breath release two new handsets, heavy push new beautiful MIUI V5.

as the tencent technology report, beautiful MIUI become millet company new profit point. Taking the advantage of mobile Internet, beautiful MIUI is becoming millet new revenue sources. Water has reached millions, beautiful MIUI month revenue will exceed one hundred million yuan this year. Beautiful MIUI income from several aspects: the game into, search, themes, download the app store. With the outbreak of mobile phone games, the game is to beautiful MIUI contribute large income.

otherwise insiders pointed out that apple’s iOS system accumulated out in 10 to 20 years, some enterprises difficult to easily surpassed. When everyone in the hardware level competition after nuclear war, millet and hold high-end configuration, software experience and service experience will be a key link. Beautiful MIUI role as the pioneer of millet, will increasingly prominent.

source: tencent technology