The picture show is really deliberately in halfway “hu” baidu?

the author: Meng Hong

this is a story of “coincidence” telescoped.

on February 19, baidu beauty on the first official version released iOS, Android on February 21, the new release; Beauty take the client a month earlier, baidu has launched in several unofficial channels, then pronounced “real beauty take community”. On March 6, the United States on the iOS platform released the first official version, to “take artifact + community”.

the first product of mentioned above, is baidu launched “baidu”, the second is a beautiful picture show the “beauty”. Time, very close to that of the two companies to launch name very similar products. This is a coincidence.

on March 14, beauty is a formal mass propaganda through the news channel, baidu said “once released into the apple App Store the top four” social application. Seems to be in with this round of publicity, the third party monitoring display from 13, baidu beauty on the App Store social class of the free list, from 60 rapidly to 10 or less.

beauty has power over the same period. On March 10, also in the App Store the beauty of photography and video free list of ranking 168, March 13, have skyrocketed to the first place. Not only that, but the total list for free in the App Store’s performance than baidu take more grab an eye in the United States: on March 15, take on App Store free always at the top of a beauty.

by coincidence, the pat the top of which is the first day after baidu beauty are taken, but the baidu beauty on the list of free total ranking much hundreds of years. This produces an interesting phenomenon, have the user to see the beauty of baidu news to App Store download the trial, discovered the beauty of the installed film starts from the picture show.

on the surface, it is like a beauty beauty with baidu pat propaganda of host. This is just a imagine, however, a general news can’t be so obvious. But it still let baidu some incensed.

this kind of mood is easy to understand, from the perspective of baidu, baidu beauty shoot first release and are two version of the iOS and Android has, the more scenery is released and only after the beauty of the iOS version. Especially the two products together, baidu product USES the way of naming, seemed completely to the fact that the first release off.

the picture show is really deliberately in halfway “hu” baidu?

“we don’t think baidu will be with us in the same time, with name, same location difference of products. This is completely out of our expectation, “beautiful picture shows CEO Wu Xinhong told sina science and technology. He cite some examples, like two years ago has been registered under the trademark and domain name of is in the hands of the picture show.

beautiful picture show early foray into social network planning. Their internal areas of the image as a licence, processing, sharing, storage four link, the storage cost is too high will not be considered, and the community must cut into the largest share value. Only in recent years, more effective tools to apply the beauty of the picture shows, has not found can be cut into the spot.

them, making, devoted to devoted to the rise of new communities, to the beautiful picture show quite inspired. In the content type and relational communities both directions, the picture show chose the latter. Baidu has a similar choice. But behind the American film “dark war”, the two combined with pictures, sounds and words of community, is one to the left, to the right.

baidu beauty shoot is described as a “beauty integrated personality demonstration platform”, is among the more distinctive beauty ranking, baidu is trying to let baidu beauty make become the new bearing platform for Internet star, star, baidu beauty shoot and future plans, and fashion, women media cooperation, promote talent of online activities.

the racquet are more emphasized based on the location, let users found nearby of “beauty”. Taken in the concept, hope to form a circle based on geographic location, and through the autodyne, pictures and other information, make close to the location of the user to more easily between mutual understanding, step by step link between strangers.

the above two options, on the one hand, shows the product’s thinking is different, the same is beauty resources, baidu beauty intends to make the best of those who can continuously strengthened, but inevitably brings a certain sense of distance; And beauty not concentrated hope these beauties all resource scattered distribution, and make it look more “within reach”.

on the other hand, the two kinds of thinking is the resources of the two companies can call difference reaction. Clearly have more resources to promote baidu baidu beautiful vision of the future. And beauty also plans based on the location information, the algorithm of catering, tourism, and more users to share pictures of precipitation, form a structured information.

is not to say that baidu must have advantages than picture show. Like the first mentioned the beauty of the ranks. “Swear we don’t have a list of brush, Wu Xinhong told sina science and technology, beauty made mainly by beauty picture show in the promotion,” driving effect is obvious. Beautiful picture show, however, does not ranked first, why to take beauty shoot first?

Wu Xinhong explains that the new App in apple’s App Store algorithm gives a high weight, “30 times that of ordinary App, give a little amount is easy to rush to the top”. But the proportion of new App users increase, far more than the old App. Installed Wu Xinhong says that is why some great App, but not the cause of the rank.

however, it also brings a “side effect”, the picture show women more users, and took this as a direct result of the user is also a female predominance, beauty took the proportion of male and female users for 1:3. “It’s pretty terrible things”, the insiders told sina science and technology, the proportion of male users immediately if cannot ascend, may lead to the loss of female users.

whether it is not a coincidence, the two “beauty shoot” by the dark war began, is in a different direction. And in each other, there are more similar style one by one to cope with opponents.

source: sina science and technology