The PC era coming to an end, the future of the electronics industry in Taiwan?


5 point conventionally up reading the news, is this amazing chart. According to the market mechanism IDC statistics, in comparison with the same period last year, the first quarter of this year PC global shipments of sharp slowdown 13.9% , decline in continuous quarter up not only, more important is 13.9% this is IDC from 1994 years began to track global PC since the industry, the largest decline ever.

PC industry from 1980 s development in the 1990 s gradually vigorous, I think it is reasonable to inference, 1994 years ago PC also never such a recession. The recession in the past year, I think can be interpreted as almost PC industry experienced growth, peak, now formally sign of going into the sunset phase.

of course consumers about Windows 8 is the feeling of cold PC decline accelerated one of the major, but the fact is Apple Mac series has not been excluded from the IDC statistics, the report also pointed out that the Mac although there is no like Windows hit like that, but is still a recession in the past season.

and PC the real killer is actually “after PC device”, namely intelligent mobile phones, tablet computers and other “mobile”. When the device is more and more can meet the needs of consumers to get to the Internet, are they on PC rely on it more and more low. In the 2012 in the fourth quarter, global consumer bought 5250 ten thousand tablet computers with 2.2 is a smart phone, up 75.3% and 36.4% . In contrast, in the 2012 in the fourth quarter, PC is 8979 ten thousand, recession 6.4% .

that is, shipments has not only wisdom beyond PC , even tablet computer shipments have a chance this year with PC a death cross. Smartphones and tablet computers, of course, still USES a lot of PC the components of industrial development, but the focus is on the device of contract price and gross margin often far lower than PC , worse in Taiwan in the PC the competitive advantage of supply chain is still very weak. So when PC the recession, after the PC the more vigorous, Taiwan’s future will be dangerous.

so urgent, we should not only get into the PC supply chain, but also need to develop new industries to embrace the future. , of course, we have been in emerging industries such as biotech, wen gen layout, but beyond that, I agree with Mr ZhanHongZhi said, we should put the labeled “Internet industry” as Taiwan’s future 30 in the development of key industries. Internet industry is knowledge intensive service industry, has the possibility of “asymmetric”. Internet company, big or small, have from their home market, then gradually developed into a global enterprise example – Google , Facebook , Amazon