The past, lei jun millet noble

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this few days, millet company released the latest round of financing, valued at $10 billion, second only to the BAT’s Internet companies.

the success of millet, some say lucky, a little step in, according to lei jun’s words, “standing on the tuyere, pig will fly”. Catch up with the spring tide is really lucky, but in addition to pay attention to timing, shall also have the place and people. Today, we talk about “and” lei jun, millet entrepreneurial way to meet people – Yu Yingtao, the incumbent, general manager of zhejiang unicom, China unicom, general manager of the sales department.

in 2011, the then China unicom Yu Yingtao transfer, general manager of sales department, at the helm of zhejiang unicom. On December 21, 2011, millet with unicom 1 m 1 machine cooperation contract officially, this is also Yu Yingtao transfer on the eve of the work. Unicom contract machine the day before, millet company announced a second round of funding, valued at $1 billion, $90 million.

as a new start-up, m 1 was also controversial, choose cooperation with millet, Yu Yingtao need great courage, vision as well. Yu Yingtao, as China unicom, general manager of sales department, is famous for its vision, cooperation with the iPhone, zte batch is his leading.

however, almost at the same time, also talked to meizu Yu Yingtao, but when the cooperation had been reached. Said one person close to Yu Yingtao, a big reason is that jack’s temperament arrogant, in front of the operator, the prick Yu Yingtao momentum can’t stand. Cooperation, of course, take a fancy to millet, because LeiJunYou fame, treat people more peace, not British nor in port, and secondly is the determination to take a fancy to lei jun – millet two rounds of financing, lei jun and its suitable for investment, put up more than 300 million of the money. Has been established, can also be determined the momentum of business, this is very rare.

Yu Yingtao transfer zhejiang unicom eve, millet mobile phone m 1 unicom cooperation agreement finalized. China unicom to millet account from $300 million in payment for goods.

later, then 2 mobile phone of cooperation with China unicom is millet, millet mobile phone also is really to force, to become China unicom cooperation machine, the service is one of the best manufacturers. M 2 be unicom custom machine’s flagship model, of course, there are the meizu MX2 – see millet cooperation with unicom, perhaps jack will also reflect on why you will miss this opportunity, however, nowadays, the cooperation with China unicom, meizu is active. Assume that the first is the meizu of cooperation with China unicom, meizu development today should be better, of course, you can’t assume that history.

the millet side with mobile operators have a new cooperation, first introduced the TD model red rice and move well in hand. Started a QQ space for the first batch of 100000 sets of red rice drew more than 700 to make an appointment. Without detachment of meizu, is the lip poking fun at millet “no limit”, because before this, jack temper again screwed up the cooperation with operators, and things lost after shelling China mobile is “evil”.

it is said that men into four kinds: dare not temper, good temper, have no ability to have no temper, will not be able to have a temper. Any defective personality, also have strengths, but business cultured is, geographical and human conditions.

, lei jun founded millet company can have today’s achievement, more or less is associated with his personality, in the industry, he is one of the few people who have no temper. For example, was pinched from kingsoft and rising company, has many grievances, vice President of rising Mao Yiding later at home, the package had a farm, farmers, lei jun to find him, let him, went to LeiJunRen Mao Yiding YY chairman of the board of directors of the company, served as vice President, this is a story of YY listed ahead.

any brand company, the enterprise brand to a large extent is the founder of personality, personal brand extension of millet company’s brand is also with lei jun individuals bound together, and yan lei jun, millet and rice noodles do friends, actually the same.

story of lei jun, there is a canard, said kingsoft kau pak kwan is founded, lei jun is professional managers, actually otherwise. Kingsoft is founded by kau pak kwan, Zhang Xuanlong zhuhai jinshan, and lei jun founded Beijing jinshan (lei jun is the majority shareholder of Beijing jinshan) of merger, lei jun is one of the founders of golden hill software.

lei jun in jinshan stories, we might as well talk to you next time.