The news that Google plans to push the Babble message service The integration of its many communication products

Beijing time on March 20, according to foreign media reports, Google integration efforts will enter a new stage. A number of sources, Google the next step is to integrate multiple message platform to a service called Babble.

at present, Google under a lot of problems in the field of communications. Google’s many kinds of communication platform interoperability is very bad, Google Talk, Hangout, Voice, Messenger and Chat for Drive and Google Talk for G + fiercely independent.

Google to solve problems in the field of communication is not easy, cross-platform solution will make Google more than called iMessage — in the field of communications and rivals such as blackberry Messenger. The sources said, Google cross-platform communication solution called Babble, is a in development new products, will solve Google chaos in the field of communications.

Babble for Google according to the dialogue, the trend of the communications. Like in G + Messenger, users can share photos in the chat window, start with any friends Hangout dialogue, dialogue will run through all the services. In the future, all services will be transplanted into a single platform, users can in Google all products use the same chat window.

Google is not yet clear disclosure Babble release schedule, but reports that Google will be shown at this year’s I/O conference Babble.

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