The New York times: nokia before the takeover has begun to shift to the Android platform

(editor: Tony)

for Microsoft and nokia, the world of no more than they need each other. Now, however, be in harmony of two people, really so attached? The answer is: not necessarily.

Nokia Asha 501

earlier, the New York times said that nokia before being acquired, was developed with Android smartphone. The article points out that last year WP development speed of the system and market performance, dismayed nokia. In addition to the development of low-end WP smartphones “Tango”, the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer also launched a program called “AOL” (Asha on Linux). According to the plan, launched a low-end nokia smartphones Asha family. And this series of carry not WP system.

even more interestingly, nokia to further gain more profit, also in planning a code-named “MView” project. The project in 2014, had originally planned to launch a depth customization of Android mobile phone. With, of course, not long ago, nokia was acquired, the “good” planning also. , according to the reports even nokia series, the company is trying to log on to the Android platform. Of course, insiders say, nokia’s move is to prevent the risk of WP system.

Surface Phone concept map

on the other hand, Microsoft also appears to have the Allies had always be wary. Foreign technology press The Verge quoted sources pointed out that Microsoft is busy testing The number of Surface Phone prototype. It is understood that, Microsoft Windows Phone corporate vice President Terry Myerson (Microsoft’s operating systems engineering boss) is responsible for the project. Obviously, for his fellow prisoner company, Microsoft has left his hand.