The new operating system how to beat the Android?

according to foreign media reports, in the field of smart phones, Android now has been in a dominant position. However, not every company is willing to use Android in its smartphone, in 2013 there will be a lot of alternative operating system. However, they are to succeed, must also rely on Android: through a lot of modified Android applications to enrich their own application library, to attract the masses of users.

try to smartphones in the latest challenger blackberry Z10 as an example. Impressively, the blackberry number 10 operating system application has more than 100000, although it is still a question whether the application quality.

RIM is very careful, did not disclose the latest application of how many applications are directly on the Android application on the basis of transformation. But, in early February, the modification application proportion is about 40%. If the number is still the same, there are more than 40000 blackberry application from the Android.

Finland startup Jolla, many employees are from nokia. It developed the Sailfish OS operating system, and is expected to be in 2013, to all kinds of mobile phones. Also claims that the operating system compatible with Android applications, but need to be done by Alien Dalvik virtual machine.

Tizen is next, this is samsung independent development of the operating system. Through OpenMobile application compatibility layer, Android applications will be able to run on Tizen. With Android Galaxy currently used by a large number of cell phone users application should also can appear in the Galaxy/Tizen mobile phone.

although other new platform in constantly emerging, such as Ubuntu Touch and Firefox OS), but it must be pointed out that most likely to be successful in the first three big new platform must rely on the existing Android applications and developers, to make consumers believe they can get what they want in the new mobile phone application.

due to the business for many years, iOS and Android than any other mobile platform to have larger application. Third – Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform, has been operating for nearly three years, but failed to catch up with its rivals, the company in MWC (global mobile communications) conference declared 150000 apps, and third-party estimates of the number is slightly higher, at about 175000 apps. , in contrast, Google app store Google Play now has more than 700000 applications; Apple’s iTunes store has more than 775000 applications.

any operating system into the market, if their application number less than 50000, then they will be seen as weak platform of consumers. In intelligent mobile phone operating system competition, even with 100000 applications.

by not have strong financial strength to attract developers for its development and application, and you can’t attract like services, Pandora, sets and Netflix such big wrist), some of the smaller operating system developers will need to collect from other sources and some applications to enrich their own application library. They don’t intend to introduce Windows Phone or iOS applications, only focus on the Android applications.

who want to increase the number of applications of large companies, they don’t want to let those who want to keep the existing experience of users feel strange. In terms of samsung’s TouchWiz UI could be transplanted into Tizen, because use the Galaxy/Tizen users will require the same application. Using the Android application library can bring you a lot of help.

Android will not disappear as an operating system, and run Android smartphone applications will start eating into the market. It is to continue to create a halo effect, attract developers. Want to develop applications for the mobile platform? If you want to, you will have more reason to learn Android operating system. Once you have learned to develop applications, you want your application to cover as much as possible to the more equipment. You may want to aim at the smaller operating system platform, but I believe you still can not forget the staring at the Google app store Google Play and represented by the market share.

Android applications are adapted for the smartphone market new entrants. It aroused the people to join the Android developer team again. It will continue to expand such thinking: the default Android is everyone “foundation” of the smartphone platform. For every one in the Android world and trying to escape the Android every a person, this is a victory.

compile: tencent technology