The near east. Zhang: price war will continue to play

the author: wang nan

“the price war will continue to play.” “Suning opponent is yourself.” Yesterday to rong to attend “in sichuan province and the national well-known private enterprises international fair for investment and cooperation” Chinese folk chamber of Commerce, vice President, Suning Commerce Group Co., Ltd., chairman of the near east inspiring.

traditional electrical manufacturers is bubble

is a near east initially refused the chengdu commercial daily reporter’s interview, but heard that reporter asked “whether electricity price war will continue,” he came in, opened the chatterboxes. New hope group chairman liu yonghao to say “hello”, said zhang near east were “you first, wait a moment, I answer the questions first.”

“believe that you have seen our Su Ningyi purchasing executive vice President li bin’s weibo, it represents our attitude.” Yesterday morning as often, li bin on weibo XiangJing east propaganda directly: “418 Su Ningyi bought $0, you a few dollars? Time really!” This tweet @ the CEO of jingdong mall, but liu did not respond on weibo yesterday.

“electricity war should return value, but now play price war is also possible.” Said zhang in the near east, “the price war Of course.” Zhang near east of suning cloud of the current business model is very confident, “traditional retailers must transition, the traditional electricity are bubble, is not sustainable, and the pattern of cloud, we will provide a new model for the industry.”

the biggest rival is yourself

yesterday zhang near east and has always been low-key rigorous style is somewhat different. When reporter mentioned “ma going to retire, liu also prepared to put”, zhang near east seemed to guess what the reporter’s question, direct answer: “we su ning is also very eager to have a benchmark enterprises let’s go beyond, but now our biggest competitor is still su ning.”

“suning benchmarking is only one, now is the 2020 goal, we will shock the world top 100.” Zhang told reporters near east, now the size of the suning dimension is very large, have reached around $200 billion in 2012, “we are to learn from the best companies in the world.”

need to borrow the sichuan potential perfect industrial chain

in the near east, zhang sichuan very good momentum of development in recent years, the local development of private enterprises is also very good, “su ning to borrow in sichuan, improve our industrial chain.” Zhang very bullish on near east sichuan development opportunity, he is contemplating using high-speed development momentum in sichuan, increasing the financial input in su ning in the industry in sichuan, improve logistic, product line, stores and other links of background, improve the industrial chain.

about the opening of the 2013 global wealth in chengdu in June BBS, zhang also admitted that he also wants to join the near east, sichuan is the key area of suning, “wealth BBS such grand activity, of course, I also want to attend.” When asked whether there is a near east world 500 strong idol, smile said zhang in the near east, “they have a lot to learn, suning will by learning to improve myself.”