The move is a step by step, how to do in the residual “fly”

shortly before the exposure of science and technology of tencent chat mobile IM products fly after stopping, the attention to this matter steeply increasing, in view of the speculation is flying fly about the cause of death, but the truth is often only one. In deep in conversation with tencent’s science and technology, the fly employee says the real cause of fly chat “death” of the two main reason: unrestrained business needs and access to the internal management of chaos.

fly talk past

since July 10, fly to chat users cannot send and receive information from fetion user, if the user to continue contact with fetion buddies, need to download the latest fetion client. , in other words, while flying about product form will still exist, but in subsequent will stop all of the products development and investment, and not to make any updated version before and maintenance.

according to the inside of the mobile: “not declared to fly directly to chat stopped, so don’t look good on the face, also affect the user experience, and may even complicity fetion. No input, no update means that fly to chat slowly die naturally.”

it is understood that fly, chat and letters have been in the mobile as a mobile Internet strategy under the “fist” products, in the China mobile (weibo) the status of the internal natural too important, the product directly led by the Chinese ministry of mobile group data, entrust the shenzhou Thai YueKaiFa, fly about market advancing speed, the China mobile is the fastest of all the mobile Internet products at that time.

as a “blockbuster”, fly to chat with this development, the nature has experienced a tortuous process. Public information and chat on September 28, 2011, is China mobile launched a free voice messages sent by mobile phone network, images and text, can mobile communication software of single and group chat. And found that after tencent in-depth knowledge of science and technology, before that time fly about already exist, only the name is not at first.

the survey found that fly about development has experienced two periods: the first period is from November 2010 to May 2011, responsible for the mobile fetion operational business wholly owned subsidiary of China yue’s new media signalling self-developed, named “idle talk” at the time, and this product is due to two reasons: one is the mobile fetion business has present a weak state, are moving on from Symbian to iPhone and Android mobile devices.

China mobile was expected of mobile fetion and development has more discontent, and Kik software just became popular in foreign countries is of millions of users, this has caused a lot of attention, the industry of mobile also hope to have a can locate new intelligence platform software. In addition, for the shenzhou tai yue, is the “idle talk” as a reserve their own products, for subsequent upcoming fetion contract renewal.

fly chat mobile dominated in the second period is from September 2011 officially launched today. After nearly four months of evaluation (may to September 2011), “idle talk” won in mobile, and changed its name to “fly” was officially launched, and the shenzhou tai yue also wish once again fly.

China mobile why not upgrade on existing fetion business and the launch of a separate fly to chat? According to the internal staff, the main reason is that fly about positioning Yu Feixin a derivative client, mobile fetion weak condition at that time, for hosting fetion foundation ability fly chat can make ordinary users mobile real-time accurate fixed-point push ability, this is China mobile have been hoping that the notification to the desktop function, and mobile fetion couldn’t do it, because the user to the division of “online” it is clear that it will be not the exit.

second, because of product form, fly to chat can be seamlessly across mobile platforms and carriers, while fetion is not ok, it was in the development of mobile TD unsatisfactory undoubtedly can develop more new users, and when to fly about the future after the mature, also can be used as a mobile data services in aspects of the entrance to a strategy.

however, the fact is not such as in the vision of the direction to develop, after initially to a rise in development of passion, fly to chat from inside and outside the dual problem began to decline gradually.

fly about the real cause of death

tencent technology successively with a number of chat was responsible for flight operations staff spoke, in their view, there are only two fly about the cause of the failure: new media signalling income settlement caused by the excess demand for mobile, coupled with early rely too much on the provincial company promotion, made a lot of resource commitment. The second is the internal management problems caused by cooperate to disconnect.

it is known that flew about early stage of development, the product basically completely independent, by new media signalling their decision-making, implementation after reporting in mobile. Through the access of fetion service cluster, users can easily switch to fly to chat, at the same time due to fly to chat client experience is good, so at that time also have a good reputation in various channels.

in addition, in the same period, fly to chat and just after the adjustment of the mobile Internet base relations mainly report (report fetion fly before chat object is of mobile group data, mobile after adjustment of business structure, fetion fly about business ownership of mobile Internet base management), and the provinces and other base business, temporarily didn’t have too much attention to fly to chat, also ensure the flight to chat early a benign development.

from flying about internal ending March 2012, according to the development in the past six or so after flying about activated users reached 4 million or so, can say is quite impressive. And more than a year later, instead of users back to less than 3 million units, and also not active users.

according to the new media of signalling fly about development plan, first, launched the first version of the quick access fetion ability, with fetion account through and across operators through; Second, increasing the independent ability of different mesh free SMS to stimulate different network users quickly join; Third, based on the communication core extensions, provide the three-dimensional way of communication, and began to join social function; Fourth, to join the public account (robot) system, outside communication, provide good friend half the real-time and accurate real-time interactive features, such as message, expression, poke, and so on.

but in the third and the fourth part, fly to chat problem comes.

when fly to chat after the initial development of stable and is on the rise, China mobile to fly about product form also have enough understanding, then began to suggest some other mobile access requirements. New media signalling top in order to maintain relationships and ensure that promises too much, after the contract is signed to cause fly chat later a period of time has been struggling to cope with the China mobile: internal demand, such as for the user’s guide and join strategy (hope mobile access to the 139 email client), to save the company’s business ability to customize (the colourful cloud hopes to increase mobile address book function), push function to join for mobile business and so on.

from the point of the product, fly to chat team at that time, as far as possible avoid some erratic demand, but consumption has been produced, causing the early determine the ability to fly about business framework need modification or reconstruction, and the direct influence is the new release cycle long, serious market visibility dropped, competition from rival is softening.

there are internal employee recalled the circumstances but said: “the business in the premise of carrying mobile doesn’t first consider the user experience, but data index, not only fly to chat, fetion development so far up also has a lot to do with it.”

in the face of all these problems, a new vector signalling internal began to split. One is increasing fly about the promotion, eventually replace mobile fetion. One is the fly directly to chat to completely controlled by the mobile base, in its own only do support for contract renewal.

as the server is to keep stable fetion, so in the department of new media has been a relatively independent teams, and fly to chat also with this habit, flying on business divisions to chat is independent but still belongs to the business of mobile phone under fetion. Basically stable at the beginning of the fly chat services, due to the differences of the above problems, the business ability to expand the service side is not willing to, only willing to do ability to maintain and upgrade, and fly about product here is against completely, and hope to be able to keep a fast rhythm iteration, and internal conflict, cooperate to begin to disconnect.

fly the end of the chat now clearly shows that the internal conflict won by the other party’s support for support, and therefore against one party be crowd out in succession in the future. According to people familiar with the matter, since the second half of last year, flying about user the downward trend is linear, the original more than 60 people fly to chat team has also been gradually spread to fetion team, more than half of them are left.

then soft international bidding the mobile fetion business, will naturally give up fly to chat, also have a mobile official puts it affected by the change in the business, to chat business adjustment. And although the outside world has said fly about stop the service, but will be loaded on fetion related function such as speech, two business will close 2 for one. But fetion integrated multimedia function, this is already the trend of The Times, voice intercom function as early as in fetion version 2.0 that is, it is only in the mobile to chat failed to find a rhetoric.