The mobile Internet era: readers contribute 】 【 baidu will be the first fallen giants?

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in the past the desktop of the Internet age, baidu, alibaba, tencent BAT three is worthy of the first camp, search, electricity, and IM in the field of three Kings. But in the era of mobile Internet, alibaba and tencent have far-reaching layout, and baidu is showing signs of decline in a risk.however.

a harvard business school professor Clayton ? christensen publishing management classic “innovator’s dilemma”, suggests why management good why large companies in the face of technological change is easy to decay, the management of good corporate often fail because of development for the industry leading enterprises to promote their management methods at the same time also severely hampered their development of disruptive technologies, and these disruptive technologies eventually swallowed their market.

but baidu is facing this problem.

in the field of traditional desktop search, baidu has no intention of is Chinese to be the king of the world. It hangs on to the entrance of search traffic, in the hands of the hundreds of thousands of small and medium-sized websites the lifeblood of life and death. To baidu itself or get kicked to the corner of the search results to die, no third way.

but in the era of mobile Internet, baidu is no longer the lifeblood of the others. But by a large number of third party control. Mobile era flow entrance is very complicated.

the first operating system entrance. Google the best layout, android as a leading global mobile space, the most basic system in the android system, Google in the search box to occupy the most eye-catching interface position (except China neuter version of the android). Baidu is also based on android ( -based on android ) developed the baidu, mobile phone operating system, but few takers, installed at home far from it with the beautiful miui want to than.

ROM entrance. Flash software also controls the part of the entrance. This piece of tencent layout is best, it acquired flash elves, 5000 happy frog than investment ROM , and at the same time, such as flash tool to maintain good relations. If baidu wants to be the ROM recommended search, must spend money.

app store entrance. App store controls the amount of flash application possibilities, baidu no voice in the field of the app store.

your browser entrance. Single application is king, mobile Internet browser unlike dominating on the surface of the table, but still occupies an important weight. Baidu browser also lack of competitiveness, which is why some baidu will buy Ucweb .

and, more importantly, mobile search on the Internet is not a single from the browser, but scattered in various applications, baidu can’t control the decentralized search. Even the Google can’t realize the search across applications.

in addition, social search, social networking internal data become an important source of search, sina weibo, space, tencent weibo, renren, tencent friends within the accumulated data become the next search vaults. Baidu in addition to the post bar is beyond words.

we can see from the above analysis, used to control other people in the field of desktop baidu, in the field of mobile Internet, own lifeblood by the operating system, ROM flash, app store and browser makers to control. Unless a shopping spree, has no intention to change the situation.

a shopping spree has faced a lot of trouble, is that these traffic entrance has been largely competitors, they would not allow baidu’s struggle.

FenRun profits also existence predicament, 360 search rise, coupled with the appropriate search early in the mobile terminal such as layout, traffic controllers have flexible negotiating position, baidu will be hold.

at the moment, the mobile Internet era, baidu has become the most embarrassing giants, perhaps is not far from fading.

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