The microblogging hot shi yuzhu: mixed

shi yuzhu announced his retirement, the media have reported. As vertical and horizontal river’s lake years of generation of commercial giant owl, shi yuzhu leave let people deeply touched. Many in the industry have opened about shi yuzhu “merit”.

cloud hunting key chose a part of the authenticated user’s point of view, is mixed.


@ Mr Slanting reason heterodox, marketing genius, but product is not good, Steve jobs is also a marketing genius, but product is unparalleled.

@ vigorously stroke play his son: feel shi yuzhu is a kick-ass marketers, personal success, fierce industry. Although like jobs personality not how can lead the earth-shaking changes in industry, so become a hero. He was selling industry moral integrity to oneself have a fat pick, is a lean, worthy of respect but not worth praise praise

@ disgrace is bad child -_ – weibo’s got talent: only experienced ups and downs can truly become a giant

@ really: college idol!

@ Chen w 2010: shi yuzhu: China’s once the boy wonder…

@ grain full word kai win: shi yuzhu and bill. Gates fields! Mr Ma also as Bill Gates now! Human beings should always may remember this kind of people.

@ fishweir: a person’s character is not depends on people how to enjoy this victory, but that he how to endure failure.

@ Stirling prince Daniel: generation of Chinese entrepreneurs, he believed that it is very shock, hope to go further on the way journey, perhaps as long as there is the creative mind, professional accumulation, sensitive of the market, the correct decision-making, customer first, with the good faith for this, unyielding, persistent, steady improvement, and success may be inevitable.

@ hai-tao CAI Penny: success or failure for shi yuzhu is obviously one, but the outcome is heaven and hell and heaven fell into hell’s head feels no beat him, made a new shi yuzhu instead, just the never-say-die spirit enough to become a young idol, salute to you!

@ city for more than year anniversary year: one hundred educational decade with shi yuzhu giant resignation seemed to evoke the end of last century war creature twice ups and downs of the achievements of shi yuzhu is undoubtedly worthy of god in the history of Chinese business also made him the recalcitrant character of human is not controversial hero has always been lonely


@ and listen to maple Yin: shi yuzhu at the end of the day to do two things: 1. The lie to the national primary raw no effect for brain pills (2) using human weakness destroy the entire gaming industry moral integrity. This kind of clever people, spent all his talent on the KengPian others. A hero and entrepreneurs in China by the media.

@ g read sinic: shi yuzhu is not a liar, just evil by nature.


@ harps advertising and the moral integrity of the game lost the source of the

@ abnormal pepper: is the Chinese characteristic of entrepreneurs

@ xue-feng li: shi yuzhu is a brilliant but not worth respected businessman. His skill is only put other people’s money into his pocket, and no matter the social value contribution. Have approximate con brain platinum, these business tricks will be recorded in history.

@ lu come: fully exploiting the evil of human nature and a person of success.

@ 0144: xu shuo to sell opium, open a brothel almost

@ XiaoHui full: shi yuzhu have in-depth knowledge of Chinese nature, brain gold first mission students leisurely, earned the first bucket of gold, bankruptcy and then make a brain platinum gifts. Now developed, people is really not long memory. Estimated his troubled, a brain black gold can stage a comeback.

@ west wind fan: shi yuzhu really bastard, but he just cheated, besides Chinese people cheat


@ – xiaoming – : no ban, free. He is just a more extreme example. Most of the other health care products are the same, as long as there is “eating the undead, effective component” but not “truly effective”. As for online games in the same way, too. Use human weakness is not marketing essence? Shi yuzhu and his brain platinum ads may not be people like, but he didn’t break the rules.

@ the flock of polymerization and discrete: someone as a kitchen knife Someone when meat, the somebody else didn’t force you, playing online games for brain

@ jiing Lin xin: China has a considerable part of people want to be a man, shi yuzhu as for why the history of success, it can only say that because China’s consumers are not mature.

@ paper nerve: isn’t China a result oriented, by adversities hero of the country? Such a society what surprised the shi yuzhu as hero

its @ chrysanthemum: shi yuzhu is a pure businessman, have to admit that his ability to collect unrivalled, as to the thing that he sold bad to can’t lousy can use to describe

@ perfectly I: 1, the pill has no effective for brain’s hard to say, the placebo effect is also, sometimes also is very effective, and this pill is a as a gift given to friends and family, has special value. 2, online while the use of the weakness of human nature, but also brings a lot of happy, happy how to measure the value? 3, an industry of moral integrity is what? It was destroyed?

@ August lu: why can’t the wise use of the weakness of human nature? To the world is full of big and silly force? He used a gun to you buy is brain platinum? Online game is his gun to your consumption? The progress of the world is full of the wise. Widely said that, all marketing is to use human weakness.

shi yuzhu as a controversial figure, although has announced his retirement, but around the dissension of the continue in river’s lake.