The man behind the tencent CAO Chen Yidan: ma

the author: Wang Cai minister

tencent announced Chen Yidan stepped down as chief administrative officer (CAO), Chen Yidan name mentioned only once again by the public. For more people, the chief representative of tencent is ma huateng, other people are standing behind the ma. Chen Yidan more low-key in the low-key, tencent 15 years, almost no one had the media to his personal interview.

this time, Chen Yidan, behind the sheriff to stand in the front. Many people still consider Chen Yidan name Chen, oak Pacific group. But Chen Yidan really called Joseph Chen, his first name is Chen Huilong, later renamed Joseph Chen, later renamed Chen Yidan again.

Chen Yidan contribution to tencent, ma has made evaluation. Horse in response to Chen Yidan outgoing mail said: “tencent in the entrepreneurial process lack of Charles could not succeed, he for the functions of the company system, values and culture construction and public welfare charity, unique, so to speak, Charles in tencent perfectly interprets the definition of” chief executive “.”

the data shows, Chen Yidan in tencent is mainly responsible for the group administrative, legal, human resources, and public welfare charity, also responsible for the group’s management mechanism, the intellectual property rights, government relations, etc.

five founder of tencent, ma huateng, Zhang Zhidong, Xu Chenye and Chen Yidan are learned from university students, only once is li qing Xu Chenye data communication board colleagues in shenzhen. Once li qing has been in June 2007 from tencent’s chief operating officer position to leave, took to the road of the angels.

Chen Yidan is former law, holding lawyer qualification. A former mentioned in tencent 11 years of senior staff Chen Yidan evaluation, in tencent since the childhood, from small companies to large companies specification development and standardization of management, Chen Yidan has made a great contribution. Chen’s management characteristic is can give attention to both efficiency, and can both humanized management, both inside and outside the company in accordance with relevant regulations and policies, on the way to a stable development.

the jin cheng TongDa senior partner at the law firm yong wang is tencent’s legal adviser, and Chen Yidan had contacts. Yong wang, said (Chen Yidan) to I feel he is a modest and low-key a wise man, and his age is not the wind of the elderly and foresight. He built the legal team is the strongest domestic team I have ever met.

inside the tencent, Chen Yidan and ma is a man of character is very stable, consider things very clear, in the long run. In addition, Chen and horse is very complementary, ma be one of the best products and technologies, there will be a lot of new ideas, new strategies, and Chen Yidan quickly grasp, and remind from the Angle of professional practice what problem should note, which involve the law.

from the departure of course, also reflected the Chen Yidan “stability”. He said in his resignation email, already had the idea of leaving two years ago, and communication with the other founder, after the consent of the other founding members to arrange their former steps. After two years of arrangements, stable business, team after molding, Chen Cai departure today.

Chen Yidan is also known as family, has the sense of responsibility person. Earlier in the founder of tencent, Chen is married and have children. He from the Angle of family care, tencent company was established for the families of all kinds of welfare system.

tencent charity line, is he leading to pursue. Tencent is the charitable sector earlier domestic Internet companies, and every year there are someone turn paragraph to charity.

in Chen Yidan personal charity, he has invested 10 million yuan in at zhongnan university of economics and law wuhan academy scholarships, used to reward outstanding education workers and excellent students.

now, the former chief executive of tencent, after outgoing, can put more energy to do the social public welfare.

tencent founder of five teams (ma, Zhang Zhidong, li qing, Xu Chenye, Chen Yidan) has been praised as “the Iliad”, is a rare founding team, black Marco before take you to go over the business magazine related:

tencent’s “the Iliad”

tencent ma entrepreneurship 5 brothers, is a rare, its rationality is a specimen. 12 years ago that fall, ma and his classmates Zhang Zhidong “joint venture” registered the shenzhen tencent computer systems co., LTD. after From the three shareholders: li qing, Xu Chenye, Chen Yidan. The five founders of QQ number, it is said that from 10001 to 10001. To avoid each other for power, ma in the creation of tencent is clear: to make an appointment with four partners at the beginning of each director, tube of a pool. Ma huateng is CEO (chief executive), Zhang Zhidong is the CTO (chief technology officer), who li qing is the COO (chief operating officer), Xu Chenye is the CIO (chief information officer), Chen Yidan is CAO (chief executive).

founder of tencent five: CAO Chen Yidan, CIO Xu Chenye, ma, the CTO Zhang Zhidong, once the COO li qing (from left to right)

the reason will be entrepreneurial 5 brothers called “rare”, because it was not until 2005, when the founding team is the basic of the five people is to keep the cooperation system,. Until the empire tencent do now situation, four of them are still in the company on the line, only have the COO li qing hung lifelong consultant role in retirement.

it is said that if two men ride on a tiger, especially in the process of enterprises developed rapidly, it is not easy to maintain the stability of founding team cooperation especially. Behind this, engineer of ma from the very beginning for the cooperation framework of rational design.

on the stocks of it. Five people gather together a total of 500000 yuan, including ma out of the 237500 yuan, accounting for 47.5% of the shares; Zhang Zhidong out 100000 yuan, accounting for 20%; Li qing is out of $62500, accounting for 12.5% of the shares; The other two people out of 50000 yuan each, each accounted for 10% of the shares.

although money is dominated by the horse, but he voluntarily reduce the equity to less than half, 47.5% “to the sum of a little bit more than I am, do not form a monopoly, dictatorship.” At the same time, he must be out of the main funds again, accounts for large stocks. “Without a backbone, stock share alike, when the time comes will surely give an issue, also die”.

stable another key factor, is the partner between the “combination”.

according to the history of China’s Internet writers began to recalls, “ma very smart, but very stubborn, pay attention to user experience, would you like to go to the product from the perspective of ordinary users. Zhang Zhidong is a very active, head of technology is a person of addiction. Ma technology is also very good, but his strength is the ability to put a lot of things simple, and Zhang Zhidong more is to put a thing done perfect.”

Xu Chenye with ma huateng, Zhang Zhidong for the computer science department of shenzhen university classmate, he is a very easygoing and have their own views, but it is not easily express, is known as a “gentleman”. And Chen Yidan is ma in shenzhen middle school students, later also at shenzhen university, he is very strict, but it is also a very make public, he can inspire passion in different condition.

if, several other partners are “partner figure”, only has li qing is the most fun, most founder of tencent five open, one of the most intense and charisma, and mild ma huateng, hobby than Zhang Zhidong technology, is another type. Its outsize personality, but also more than ma have aggressive, more like a word. But perhaps that is what, also led to his first out of the team, individual business.

, to say the people in the business in China, such as ma, both inclusive and woo, choose different personality, each have special features of an entrepreneurial team, and after successful development situation also can still keep the tacit understanding cooperation for a long time, is very rare. And ma successes, lies in its well designed from the beginning of entrepreneurial team responsibility, right and benefit. With great power comes great responsibility, the greater the power, the greater the benefits.


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