The Letv pictures investors take a stake in the first round of financing complete joy miniaturization: a

investment circles, people familiar with the matter to the cloud network hunting, said Letv business has completed the first round of financing, valued at 1.5 billion yuan. Among them, the miniaturization: investors and become a shareholder. But more details about the financing, the person did not disclose. Hunting cloud network connection Letv pictures, official Letv pictures said no comment.

Letv film financing rumors have long

recently, weibo released to follow CEO ran wang, said le see pictures in the first round of financing will be closed in recent, valuation of more than 1.5 billion yuan. Confusingly, not too long, delete the weibo is himself. To follow is a company specialized investment and financing service for the enterprise, ran wang’s message is considered by many in the industry.

in fact, before this, the industry began to flow out Letv pictures, planning in the first round of financing. Many people from the investment community to cloud network validation, hunting Letv pictures and many investors had a close contact.

Letv pictures “limelight”

happy visual pictures, only a short span of two years, but growing very fast.

happy see pictures at the end of June issue of the phenomenal movie “little time” has not yet ended, a sequel to the small age 2: aoki times is coming on August 8. Although a mixed movie word of mouth, but does not prevent Letv pictures created including ostentation and extravagance on the first day, on the first day box office record, the total box office has already amounted to 483 million yuan. In the past more than a year, depending on the music industry has successfully produced issued the disappearance of bullets “, expendables 2 many movies, such as product. These films are obtained good results.

Letv pictures business models

Letv pictures can make use of online social networking platform and data mining, accurately find the audience, at the same time using the offline issuance system completes the cinema systems of the large service and docking, such Letv pictures among movies, theaters and consumers, set up a platform for movie marketing and distribution system, and according to the capital market valuations of platform type, usually more than 30 times.

in order to “the age of the Internet movie company” for positioning Letv pictures, since its inception into full play and make use of the Internet platform for film industry innovation, when the movie in the Internet, whose value imagination space to be opened. Hollywood’s six major film companies in the United States is now in the capital market valuation of nearly 10 times the left and right sides, only show the traditional film company in the capital markets has become a decline model. However in the ocean of China now, with the Internet to the traditional industry penetration, the subversive gene has been attached in this mysterious private film company.

Letv pictures currently covered 60 cities, 800 cinema screens, 75% of the market sales contribution.

in addition, Letv building content of “platform + + terminal + application” Letv ecology are Letv film appreciation, the industry chain integration is equal to the multiplier effect, and over all nodes to upstream and downstream industry chain and effectiveness of double release.

star team in

like the business model of investor attention and see pictures of the core team members, including the CEO Mr Zhang, vice President of marketing Huang Ziyan, vice President of international cooperation ChanDongBing Chen Su, total social marketing planning and propaganda department general manager, CEO Wang Jun shadow guest, such as Los Angeles branch director Michael are senior or a pioneer for the industry.

is to say, May 28 this year, director zhang yimou signing Letv pictures and as art director. Luxury team besides has rich industry experience, a wide range of domestic and foreign relations chain and channel Letv industry competitiveness have become the important component.

1.5 billion valuation on it

, according to people familiar with the Letv pictures at a higher valuation for investment of another reason may be as since the start of the year in the domestic film outbreak as well as the domestic capital market valuation is about to film and TV culture industry. At present only in the films of a-share listed company huayi brothers and the light media, and the two companies since the beginning of the market value is doubled, achieves about 50 times earnings.