The iPhone 5 s parts photos exposure


exposure of the iPhone 5 s with SIM kakaThe


exposure HOME button moduleThe


exposure of the iPhone 5 s charging connection moduleThe

Beijing time on August 3 at noon news, tech blog TechKiddy on Friday revealed the latest iPhone 5 s parts photos, but can’t seem to find the figure of fingerprint scanners. But after media reported that the fingerprint recognition will likely be relying on the phone’s screen as medium.

from the perspective of the photos of exposure, the iPhone 5 s SIM card slot exactly the same as that of the iPhone 5. In addition, the photos also shows many of the details of the components for the iPhone 5 s information, including the charger interface, camera, wi-fi and vibration module, etc.

but surprisingly, Home button parts photos show that the product does not seem to use fingerprint scanners. IOS before 7, according to the code, however, the system will support the biological recognition technology, is likely to be related to the fingerprint scanning.

this batch of the authenticity of the photos are still not sure, but the personage inside course of study thinks, the company will likely be released in September 18, the iPhone 5 s.