The iOS version of Google Maps 2.0 release for the optimization of interface

after the Android version released last week, today, forward landed on the iOS 2.0 and the official Google. In addition to a special custom user interface, there are mainly the function update:

1. Increase the function of navigation and

the new GoogleMap2.0 owned by road navigation, in addition to contain public transport information, it can also be real-time reports of traffic accidents. Not too early before Google promised a dynamic route selection function but have not appeared in this version, Google said they would add soon.

2. Indoor map

strong indoor maps, will present more detailed location information for the user. Whether shopping center, or the airport, bus station and other places inside and outside scene can be in the new GoogleMap2.0 take in everything in a glance.

3. Explore function

new Explore function, can further simplify the query process. Users do not need to enter, simply click on the search box, and then you can view the food, clothing, shelter, and the good location (content will appear in the form of a card).

4. More powerful to promote

the new forward integration with Google Reviews and Zagat function, can according to the comments and ratings for users to recommend first close restaurants, coffee shops, etc. In addition, GoogleMap2.0 can also provide a well-known brand information.

5. A more concise way to present information

GoogleMap2.0 at present there are some different query information. In addition to the map to occupy the entire page, it will only to the user to present a best route. Other alternative routes will be placed in a film can expand card. To some extent, this kind of design approach is working with the iOS flat style.

6, for the device to optimize the interface

overall, iOS version GoogleMap2.0 and update the Android version of last week. To this, professional personage points out, this could mean that Google is trying to unify the application of Google differences between different platforms. In addition, the offline map function will be like the Android version, take the form of eggs, which increased the forward using Google’s interest (see).