The investor of the nokia CEO said: we are losing patience

Beijing time on May 8, news, according to foreign media reports, as nokia has failed to catch up in the field of smart phone market leaders of apple and samsung, many investors are losing patience.

nokia’s annual shareholders meeting held on Tuesday, many nokia shareholder, said elop should reconsider 2011 abandoned Symbian to switch to Windows Phone platform decisions.

“you are a very good person, the leadership team is also trying to, but obviously these are not enough,” a group called Abraham slave at potanin (Hannu Virtanen) shareholders told Mr. Elop said. “Do you understand, only the result is the most important? Sometimes kindness do bad things, and even lead us to the road to hell. Please switch to another road as soon as possible, “he said.

switch from its own Symbian to nokia Windows Phone system the transition time of initial setting for two years. Now transition period has ended, despite the recent carrying eight Windows Phone operating system of the company series of nokia mobile Phone sales has increased, but compared with the popular model of the samsung and apple. In addition, nokia’s regular mobile phone sales also fell during this period.

nokia shares also fell violently, and now the market price of 2.72 euros, less than a fraction of the 2000 peak of 2000 euros.

when asked why after nokia performance worse, suspended dividends still owns nokia shares, some of the older participants said movingly, nokia symbolizes the rebirth after the collapse of the Soviet union in the 1990 s, Finland. History, the Soviet union was in Finland’s main trading partners.

and institutional investors are less willing to continue to invest nokia; Nokia’s second-largest shareholder, Finnish pension funds Ilmarinen recently disclosed that the agency in the first quarter due to a 27% stake.

there is no plan B

elop reiterated Tuesday for nokia Windows Phone software platform support.

“we will with the passage of time to adjust. But in the ecological system under the background of war, now we have already made a clear decision, focus on the Windows Phone platform, main series products of the company, “he said. “This is what we compete with samsung and Android’s strategy.”

kirkegaard, Capital, a senior portfolio manager, especially Wallis (Juha Varis), said elop may be a mistake.

“he has shut the door on the other,” he said in a telephone interview. “Now they don’t have any new ideas. The fate of all bets on Windows Phone.”

some analysts also criticize the nokia’s strategy, said sales of the company strong enough, not enough to ensure the survival of nokia.

nokia sold 5.6 million in the first quarter the company equipment, than the first quarter of 4.4 million, but still only about 5% of its share of the market and apple and samsung continue to control the half of the market share.

“elop success to cut the cost of nokia company operation, but he failed to boost its market share,” Greenwich consultancy (Greenwich Consulting), yunus lekrs, senior partner at grid (Magnus Rehle) said.

“maybe they can return to Google, and said, we also want to try the Android. Even if the decision would hurt Microsoft, but at least nokia can make a try. Now, nokia still has failed to live up to take off, “he said.

low-end smartphone

since there is no plan B, analysts say nokia’s best bet would be to focus on cheap smartphone market, or pick up some smart phone function is the function of the machine, such as nokia in high-end Asha mobile emerging markets.

sources also said that nokia will soon be working with Verizon, introduce a new version of the company on the higher side of mobile phone.

but analysts expect that these measures can help nokia in the short run a huge of the smartphone market in the United States.

“they’re the biggest chance of success, not go hand in hand with the apple. We think nokia the opportunity lies in the end of the market, “Morningstar analyst Brian curley luo (Brian Colello) said.

“it means that nokia should focus on the $300 model, rather than the $600 model. This is the emerging market consumers and for the first time buying a smartphone consumers expect the purchase price.”

analyst for low-end nokia smartphones have greater expectations the company 521. This phone will be at the end of the month for less than $150 to bare-metal price sale at wal-mart.

“in the high-end smartphone market, nokia has lost to apple and samsung. And in the low-end market, nokia is facing fierce competition from Chinese manufacturers. But in emerging markets, nokia is still possible to break, “said lekrs.

elop said nokia would soon announce new Asha models. He is expected to attend the new conference held in new Delhi, India on Thursday.

translation: tencent technology