The Internet: the liberation of the people’s thought, but become a prison to imprison entrepreneurs

and many others, I also for a long time, also think the Internet is the place where the most innovative.

as early as in college, I have the honor to become the WWW the first group of users on the network. At that time, I often blithely on each page, regrets in this thing called the Internet, can provide to people’s infinite knowledge and diversity of thought. Those days, I am no matter how to also don’t believe such a open, platform and free platform, will gradually become a prison to stifle innovation.

however, the naive faith, after I really created a company of his own, slowly changed. Since founded Backupify, and for the first time I met all kinds of people in the capital, and in reality countless small businesses like us. And throughout this is driven by economic innovation. In the field of entrepreneurship, everywhere is who ironman, act weird geek, some unrealistic dreamers, and arrogant revolt idol. However, these people are lack of true innovation. All those who I met in browsing the same technology blog, holds the same information, share the same point of view, thinking about the business ideas of the same.

(translator note: Backupify is an enterprise to provide backup, search, storage solutions company, headquartered in Cambridge. in July last year, the company in the C in the round of funding received a total of 900 $ of investment, investors including symantec.

a long time, my in the mind is haunted by such an idea: let our minds be free online, but why now in turn bind the entrepreneurial mind?

narrow thinking we see the world is the world of present network of

the Internet should be an encouraging innovation, support platform.

I’m really bored with network popular periodicals, because most of them were focused on social popular topics. In this way, when users browse the network time is limited, can access to information is more limited. Most of the people to obtain information, with others, they acquired all focus on the issue of most concern. what’s more, the media shows part of the real, by Internet users as a real world as a whole. At the same time, as the gatekeeper of information flows, media people often driven by economic interests and focus on the fact most people attention. Over time, for the benefit of information and information of the receiver, formed a closed a vicious cycle. as a result of the information space decadent, caused our four-dimensional space narrow. All of the people’s interests are focused on all kinds of scrap of gossip, and gradually lost the power of innovation.

although I subscribed to the Wall Street journal and a series of popular periodicals, but I never expected to get any insight. The only purpose, is not to be popular trend. Maybe luck can make innovation, can be in such a “one-size-fits-all” media in the world, the lucky goddess might never have visited us.

superficial knowledge, readers are more focused on the timeliness of the network age, rather than the meaning behind the fact

the Internet age, more emphasis on timeliness. Although events the urgency and importance of tend to overlap, but speed is not equal to. Unfortunately, people naturally have quick access to information needs. And this kind of psychology in the fragmentation of the Internet age, more be encouraged. We care about whether or not they have mastered enough information, care about yourself is to be the leader of the information obtained, but how many people we don’t really want to calm down and think to identify those who have information. In the face of the complicated network information world, we gradually lose the ability of independent thinking, may even be network media to take away. So as a result, everyone had got into the habit of tasted, even in the face of deep, and also because of the length is too long, and lose the patience of reading.

(xiao yun really for those who can read has been sticking to the readers of this article are proud!)

I agree with Nate hill (Nate Silver) in the signal and the noise is discussed in the book: the degree of in-depth information, is proportional to the obtained fact meaning. Innovation requires insights, need used to the fact that deep thinking. However, the Internet encourages GongLiShi summary, and won’t let a person to deep thinking.

convergence network of experience – to encourage innovation, but the entrepreneurs to homogenize the

according to neuroscience research found that the human brain is far more advanced than we think. Each person can contact through things, using imagination thinking, inspire boundless innovation ability.

imagine this situation: a lot of technology entrepreneurs are using apple products, the use of Uber take a taxi to investors, because see the history of the Google and with the same concept is going to entrepreneurship, the Twitter share from CNN important information media if entrepreneurs are like that, how can we expect the emergence of the next Steve jobs?

Internet is most can produce innovation place. But when it attracts the world’s most after the independence and enterprising spirit of the people, it has become a prison to stifle thought, homogeneity thinking . If you really want to do something shocking to others, then don’t rely on the Internet. Innovation always belongs to those who dare to break the idol, superstitious popular myth of the mighty.

PS: in this paper, the author Rob May is the co-founder and CEO of cloud data storage company ( 2008 years). Before independence, he was in the international communications technology company Harris Corporation as a digital design engineer position. At the same time, he was also responsible for several startup business development and management affairs. In addition, Rob May or at the university of louisville school a part-time professor.

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