The innovation stagnation laurels and Facebook will follow yahoo’s?

I seem to have seen the Facebook in the future, it will be Yahoo !

1994-2000 , Yahoo is the consumer Internet industry, brought together the eyes of the world on it. Yahoo company like a long and huge purple clouds, will be the whole world “shelter” in the shadow of it. Groups of users enjoying Yahoo to provide various services, a variety of online companies in order to get the Yahoo audience resources, desperately to Yahoo it is in the company. Yahoo page hits have skyrocketed, tax amount is soaring, profits are soaring, stock price and market value are soaring. Then the Yahoo made seem to always be the right choice.

but after that, fundamental changes have taken place in the world.

Yahoo ?

in the changes of consumer behavior, the world as a whole toward the era of individuation development, there are countless online service for people to choose from. With the change of the business cycle, companies began to online advertising budget cuts. And those who constantly “migration” of users, market operators in the Internet era with the “don’t put the eggs in one basket” consumer strategy. They “have it both ways” follow the pulse of the market trend, for example, a few years later, with the recovery of the Internet advertising business, they once again changed the strategy. The most powerful proof is the emergence of Google. Google offers its users unable to estimate (also very competitive) services, also provides the company with almost perfect technology / channels, through Google services, their products can be further marketization.

there is no doubt that the former oligarchs “ Yahoo “, later in the 2000-2013 days, it’s business, stock price, market value has suffered a serious blow.

although has experienced the fate of the “roller coaster” general clarification, Yahoo amazing remain untouched. Have various forms and scale of advertisement, it is the institutionalization of huge user groups to provide services, satisfy the needs of their free access to services and information. Compared to provide some news and the nasdaq, now Yahoo provide the content of the / services include fun football ( Fantasy Football ), and from the Flickr photo sharing. Although these services fun, but let a person feel some horses and wind. Yahoo object to blindly to please advertisers and sponsors, the fact is that it provides rich media and video ads.

From incremental ways,

Yahoo ideas have changed. From the early single competition and “seller’s market”, Yahoo must be through the huge change, now in a New way to attract users, advertisers for it to open the Yahoo the potential value of the global users. In addition, but also maintain constant innovation in market, even may risk shake the dominance of the years.

naturally, it reminds me of about Facebook a lot of things.

Facebook is what?

and Yahoo ! Facebook from the start, seize the opportunity, coruscate gives great value, and until now still in the steady development. From the beginning only covers the Harvard University campus, zuckerberg ( Zuckerberg ) and his company now worldwide have 10 multiple users. The ivy league school start-up helped hundreds of millions of people to keep in touch, share millions of daily photos, and it’s a total yield of billions of dollars every year. In the first nine years, Facebook is also good for the development of the?

but after it is shocking to establish, Facebook is all that stuff:

gift – bullshit,

news flow optimization algorithm, the hot air

, recommend position – poor mediocrity

sent messages to each other, — corny

sponsored content, let a person speechless

map search – potential is tremendous, but not satisfied

share response (again), ha ha, funny

, the timeline – ZZZZ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

news flow optimization design – oh, I’m going to

next item be? A new color scheme, or a new font?

Facebook ?

in a word, the so-called efforts Facebook doesn’t make it shocked the world again . These New features can’t from essentially (individual or combined together) to enhance Facebook too much useful contribution and the links between the user (if any) do you think, nor rely more advertisers to it, more not fundamentally change its management and commercial operation. In other words, Android (acquired by Google, and further expanded) or the have continued in the future planning, Facebook what is the next step? Belong to the