[the information] TCL Firefox OS mobile phone log in the German market

(a) hunting cloud network in Germany editor:

on October 15, the first German market Firefox OS phones. Deutsche telekom’s operators Congstar together from China mobile phone manufacturer TCL will launch this called “alcatel one touch the fire” smartphone.

Firefox is maintained by the Mozilla foundation of a new generation of mobile operating system, many operators because of adhering to the “eggs can’t all in Android basket” of the mind, and have high hopes for this system. Firefox OS is based on the Firefox browser web operating system, the current lack of application, run slow. Operators, the operators and the thinking of the Mozilla almost the same: to lower the price is low, the configuration) took the low-end market.

the world’s first mobile phone Firefox OS also comes from China, ZTE ZTE Open, the machine also choose first in Europe, but is in the British Isles across the channel, and channel is Ebay. So in the second paragraph Firefox OS phones, TCL alcatel one became the first such models on the market in Germany.

alcatel one touch the fire bare-metal sold for 90 euros, or about 746 yuan. Also bought from a Congstar bare-metal need 10 euro calls the preloaded.


1 GHZ qualcomm single-core processor

256 MB luck

3.5 inch screen

480 x320 resolution

3.2 million pixels Front-facing camera

512 MB built-in storage

support SD extension, up to 32 gb

1400 ma battery

support WLAN, HSPA, bluetooth

from the point of the price, this machine is not better than other Android model of the zte launched in Germany.

the Firefox browser is Germany’s most popular browser, share more than Internet explorer and Google Chrome web browser. But we can’t infer that Firefox OS will be very popular. The Firefox browser the elements of success is smooth, stable and rich extension can be customized. In the mobile operating system market, it is Android has these advantages, Firefox OS instead, trapped in a slow, lack of application of customizability is not strong these weaknesses.

both for deutsche telekom and TCL, the device is testing the waters. Believe the future will have more Firefox OS phones meet in in addition to the European market with you.

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