The industry look firm basic silence by xue barbarian events

as the country’s most prominent angel investors, xue savages of prostitution is like a heavy earthquake hit the Internet industry. Cloud network small make up observation, hunting after it happened, the industry has? Simple comb:

we comb the first part of the industry’s point of view:

dangdang chief executive Mr Li: bullshit! Generally don’t take prostitution and an affair between western rivals against each other, for since the ancient times who crotch are not clean. Appealed for restraint!

to follow co., LTD CEO ran wang: news. Even if @ xue savages really confused at the moment, it still doesn’t change he had been doing charity, to help entrepreneurs, said sincere advice, promote social progress of basic facts. Is to make mistakes, the law is the law, every adult responsible for their actions. But a yard to yard, more important still is at the moment he those comments on weibo, which we agree, which does not agree, rather than the other.

their own personal morals flaw does not affect the probability of a category of power demands vigilance, checks and balances, supervision and criticism of rights according to law.

huayi company founder Du Zijian: no matter the next isn’t me, I have to say the words; Sheffield prostitution is a serious unexpected, prostitution is illegal it is well known that under the present network environment, xue barbarian such ignorance really surprise! It is a good news, but should not be a national news. This time a lot of people call me in silence, but in person it’s hard to do things I keep silence; Sheffield investment me, kind to me, he never has any purpose other than money.

fly as chief executive of xiang: actually, who are not easy. Someone think Mr. Li hand-eye borne, actually son, should go to the petition. Someone think xue barbarian someone throw herself, satisfies the requirement of sex will go whoring. Someone think thin greedy for a lot of money, is really the main suite, neither to live, also didn’t transfer. Anyway, we have a lot of imagination is very easy, are not so easy.

xue barbarian invested more than 100 companies, in addition to public comments Du Zijian, founder of the famous company investment by 4399 home of Mr. CAI, automobile, chief executive of li xiang, I stocks fang wen, founder of the remained uncommitted.

in addition, the super heavyweight and xue barbarian familiar Internet industry, such as xiao-ping xu, lee and other basic does not have a voice to talk about this matter. There was a lot of outside big V.

ren: personal morals are very important. Anyone have an illegal illegal and should be punished severely. But manufacturing or using personal morals events for “it” is not desirable.

a professor in the school of management at Beijing university of science and technology, public figures of personal morals, not is not important, in fact, it is very important. But ethics should not be obviously to blackening in private life. And selective law enforcement as a “cultural revolution” to grasp the right, in fact is the destruction of morality, and legal justice, like playing with fire, the result will self-destruct the Great Wall, politicians must examine!