The gun the fierce: Momo users reached 50 million

today mobile social applications Momo officially announced, registered users have reached 50 million.

“less than two years, the number of users reached 50 million, group exceeds 700000, location number more than 62 million. From found near a person, to find like-minded with yourself a group of people. Mobile social life, by the stranger stranger.”

Momo launched in August 2011, launched a year 10 million users. Since Momo successively introduced group, message boards, and other functions. In march this year Momo announced users rapid growth to 30 million. Less than four months, Momo rapid increase to 50 million users.

although devoted to devoted to the development of speed rapid growth can be used to describe, but there is no lack of the industry have a lot of question devoted to the voice of the stranger. These voices besides around Momo commercialization prospect is unknown, also for Momo users questioned the growth space

“at the moment, restricting the stranger devoted to the main factors of user growth in addition to the micro letter, mobile phone QQ alternative role, another important reason is devoted to the stranger was born. Rely on “booty call artifact” realized with WeChat differentiation, let Momo rather strong to survive, the industry generally believe that strange dating is man’s original requirements, needs can be met. However is such background and positioning, let the stranger stranger users can’t rapid growth as micro letter. At present, from the stranger stranger not stealth user view, basically all is the men and women under the age of 30, after a lot of married men and women has withdrawn from the stranger stranger, because “artifact” around the barrel of the gun position for married people is very taboo.”

however, devoted to devoted to the official is through various measures to downplay about gun artifact of image. Momo launched version 4.0, the expression of charge store and membership service in addition to being the industry as a commercial layout thought, enhance the user viscosity of purpose is also very obvious.