The Google will purchase news reading business Wavii or integration with Google +

Beijing time on April 20, according to foreign media reports, sources, Google is buying news reading Wavii innovation enterprise. At present, related media has been contact with Google and Wavii, but both sides refused to comment on speculation related advice.

at present, the specific price is still not clear about the deal, but according to sources, the market price may not be more than $30 million.

Wavii is a seattle-based innovation enterprise, founded in March 2009, the founder of Adrian’s grace (Adrian Aoun). Europe is also a former Microsoft employees. Wavii is from including Felicis investment, SV angel fund, CrunchFund, Mitch Kapor, Max Levchin, and several other investors received $2 million in seed money. As early as a year before the news that Wavii even before the official launch has been accepted to Microsoft and Google’s bid.

Wavii seems to have many similarities with Summly, which was bought by yahoo Summly price for a total of $30 million. Some science and technology, he says, Wavii is scan websites, find news and news classified summarized, and through a variety of resources to help the user to obtain the whole article links.

however, Wavii and there are also differences between Summly, and Wavii is under a lot of attention, mainly because the company USES its own natural language technology are summarized. On this question, the well in an interview with the media last year has said: “since young age, I have been immersed in the language. My father is a at the Massachusetts institute of technology study of Chomsky (Chomsky, American linguist, generative grammar), the founder of the linguist, he taught me a lot about human learning to speak. I realized that I could use some software to imitate the way of learning a language, in fact, it is to use a computer to read the website, I want to create products and support.”

as for Google at the end of the deal will be how to deal with the Wavii, is still not known, but according to the industry speculation, Google might see Wavii integration with Google + or Google News.