The Google Play store new rules: prohibited application upgrade automatically

on April 30, Beijing time morning news, in order to prevent malicious software, Google Android update policies have been adjusted, all applications downloaded from Google Play, must through the official channels of the app store update, if the built-in automatic updater, in the application may be Google blocked.

update Android applications has always been very simple, just click the Google Play store application, select “update all” in the “my application”. Users can even set the application to automatically update. The process to the end user is very convenient, but it can bring trouble to application developers.

some application through a built-in automatic updater to bypass the process, but Google has just the restrictions on: from now on, all of the Google Play application updates must be made through the app store, otherwise it will not be able to update.

the ban applies only to download via Google Play application, users can still install from amazon or third-party applications downloaded tencent’s app store, or directly downloaded from the Internet. But the premise is must in the mobile phone or tablet PC Settings allow “unknown sources” to fit the application.

in fact, Chinese users can’t use originally paid apps in Google Play store, must rely on other sources for application.

like Google Play, amazon and the application of tencent also offers a prestigious, but the Android directly downloaded from the Internet has a lot of risks: although there is no lack of among them, but still contains a lot of malicious software and pirated applications.

Facebook last week in the process of automatic update of Android applications, lead to constant vibration of user’s phone and rang the bell, until completion of the download and install. Fortunately, the upgrade of perfectly legal content, does not contain malicious code, but the process still bypass the Google Play upgrade process.

although Google didn’t specifically criticize Facebook automatically upgrade mode, but it seems still worry about the similar situation, because it may provide convenience for the spread of malicious software, enabling users by advertising harassment, and even lead to private photos and bank account theft.

Google change the policy on Thursday, will all built-in automatic updater application “dangerous goods” list, and is likely to kill these applications. Google said: “in addition to Google Play upgrade mechanism, downloaded from Google Play application cannot be modified in any way, replace, or upgrade its own code.”

however, because the Facebook application is still in this model, Google did not take a tough stance. However, if you want to ensure the quality of Google Play application, the company still need to change the upgrade mode. Influence than Facebook application may not be so lucky, but Google Play ever behave more tolerance, usually issued a warning, not directly kill the application.


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