The global latest speed rank: speed seriously lags behind the average level in China, South Korea Japan leads the world

well-known German company, recently released 2013 Q1 quarterly global Internet speeds ranked data. Among them, the South Korea at an average of 14.2 Mbps speeds continue ranked first in the world.

in addition, the second to the first ten countries and regions are: Japan (11.7 Mbps), Hong Kong, China (10.9 Mbps), Switzerland (10.1 Mbps), the Netherlands (9.9 Mbps) and Latvia (9.8 Mbps), the Czech republic (9.6 Mbps), Sweden (8.9 Mbps), the United States (8.6 Mbps), Denmark (8.2 Mbps).

it is reported, China’s average speed is only 1.7 megabits per second (fell 5.6% year on year), the global ranks 98th. Well behind the global average net (3.1 Mbps). In the asia-pacific region, China is also speeds in poor countries, cannot compare with the top of South Korea, Japan also just, even behind the Thailand and Malaysia.

total global tables: