The Galaxy S4 sales of samsung internal expectations, apple will benefit

recently, financial securities services and consulting firm Jefferies analyst Peter Misek (Jefferies Group), in an analysis report pointed out that the Galaxy S4 market pin has not achieved samsung internal targets.

it’s interesting that Misek think the above situation will be the most powerful rival, apple for samsung. He pointed out that due to the Galaxy S4 sales did not meet expectations, samsung will reduce the price of intelligent equipment accessories, such as way, to keep the company’s revenue growth. Therefore, this will be for apple and other companies to a certain degree.

however, Misek pointed out that the Galaxy S4 sales of samsung did not expect.

last week, Reuters said, the Galaxy S4 sales slowdown, to some extent, indicates that the high-end smartphone market saturation. In contrast, samsung in the business, such as its intelligent device chip, still maintained a higher revenue growth.