The first batch of firefox mobile phones sold out within a few hours

Beijing time on April 23, according to foreign media reports, the Mozilla foundation and development of smartphone firefox system developer edition Keon and Peak, the online retailer in Spain Geeksphone after-sales, sold out within a few hours.

when the Mozilla foundation announced will develop open source for the center with HTML 5 phone, many people doubt whether this system can successfully, can compete with Google’s Android. But the developer community seems to be very interested in this system, because Geeksphone (a smart phones OEM startups) Keon sold $119 and $194, more powerful Peak, sold out in a few hours.

Geeksphone website shows that 2 phone “no stock”, the page of each phone said “this product is out of stock”, but no more explanation. The Peak sale mobile phone earlier, but Keon phones sold out earlier. Keon qualcomm phone installed 1 GHz Xiao dragon processor, 4 gb of memory, and the 3.5 -inch 480 * 320 screens, and Peak installed the upgrade for 1.2 GHz processor, 8 million megapixel camera and 4.3 -inch 960 * 540 screens.

two phones are essentially “preview” mobile phones, is to allow the developer to have the opportunity to try this new system based on Linux. Firefox mobile phones will be officially listed in June. Although developer preview the mobile phone is small batch, but see the developer community so enthusiastically seek besides apple, Google, Microsoft, blackberry system, is a very good thing.

two firefox mobile phone is not for consumers, but for developers to design, so they can test for firefox application system development. Mainstream firefox mobile estimated by zte, alcatel, LG electronics and huawei Production, and in the next year. SONY also plans to launch in 2014 firefox mobile phones. Mozilla’s purpose is to provide cheap mobile phones and other devices, to attract consumers in developing markets.

translation: tencent technology