The fans of sina weibo service platform: digging an underground river

after a period of time inside, the fans of sina weibo service platform is launched and publicly accept application.

what is fan service platform?

it is essentially based on twitter direct messages mechanism provides a set of communication enterprises account/media/public services and its fans two-way pipeline system.

“fan service platform all services are based on the user’s active subscription.” Sina weibo commercial products division, a senior director of product more than double stressed that netizens actively send messages “DY” certification to interested in account, become its subscription after the fan, the latter can through the fans will be high quality information service platform direct messages sent to subscribe to the fans.

at the same time, fans also can send specific content to take the initiative to “take” service. According to the vice general manager, weibo LuYi introduction, weibo DMS interface has been upgraded to “message service” and open to the public, mainly provide reply “custom”, “direct messages to remind” and “subscribe to send” three main interface, support organization authentication account (blue V) through the interface implementation fan service platform of DMS auto reply, DMS and subscription service remind function.

sound like tencent micro letter subscription number number/service platform for the public accounts system?

may form, but weibo to be in this position to a large extent is the result of weibo self product evolution, rather than blindly WeChat cloning.
I know that everybody likes teasing weibo “no product”, but fans service platform, may be a notable new changes.

surges of the ground river

weibo, start is a kind of micro blog, Twitter initial starting point is consistent with the United States. Sina has strong media and the portal properties, however, the age of blogs also accumulated a set of effective marketing. Later, the microblogging product iterative route have strong “microblogging” features.

microblogging is to promote information circulating at the fastest speed, generally kept running like a river into the sea, in which every drop that each message, are equal.

and sina plus V account and general account of the difference between the account of “class”, enrich the functions, intelligent sorting, topic, square, a popular microblogging, god is the most right and so on are sina’s attempts to slow and information flows, let weibo believe “more valuable content” precipitation, rather than as torrential flood.

this product idea is decided by sina’s genes. Originally portal gene is gathering, selecting, strengthening part of the transmission of information, have a familiar with sina, have weibo so a flood of information, weibo, of course, could resist damming Seine, intervene in the natural river flow to part of the information selecting, filtering, amplifying the basic desire.

in addition, plus V account system and its accompanying the privilege will naturally bring information is processed by a differential (part of the sound reinforcement). From the account to the content, weibo “class” is universal. Ordinary people like you and me will sound a little harsh, but the reality is not so? In the real world there are also “celebrities” and “ordinary people”, is an excess celebrity voice, the voice of ordinary people annihilation has no smell. Microblogging idea more free flow of information is a kind of idealistic pursuit, and sina weibo go is a very “Chinese” way.

weibo temporarily at the same time the choice of earnings road (mainly display advertising) is also in the surrounding public information flow, as far as possible much show, strong.

of course, a slightly of the ordinary users will think weibo as a disturbance to the circulation of information, especially the microblog for some information for “strengthen the intensity of the sound of” go to misuse of DMS notice is for the user. For the latter, sina think out new solution is: on the ground under the river, the introduction of underground river.

fans service platform, underground river

fan service platform is a kind of “pipe”, but this kind of pipe is not in tooling users on the public on the “time line”, but more intimate underground – DMS system can change (now called information service system).

a subscription is user, willo ordinary user, use the same pipeline direct messages, users can communicate directly with the enterprise. At the same time, weibo account strictly control the use of fan service platform for users to push the frequency of information, as far as possible to reduce the spread of the “active” to the user behavior, but let the user in a more active position.

this model for corporate accounts and the public service account. To test the @ elong travel network example, during the elong before every day will receive a large number of different users repetitive @ questions, if you reply one by one, the public timeline will become a mess. Respond to the user and for simple customer maintenance, very suitable for this kind of behavior on the fan service platform, through related auto reply, customer service.

account, public services such as @ China earthquake networks speed can be sent via this platform will breaking news in the first place to the user.

if this function constantly improve, information flow of weibo had two sets of system, the public timeline and information service (DMS), as the ground and underground rivers. Both sides Shared water, mutually complementary and parallel.

this distinction, which is beneficial to simplify the product, enhance the service.

sina weibo founded soon have a lot of enterprises, now has large enterprises and businesses account. And the earliest WeChat just a communication between individual users use mobile IM tool. From product logic, weibo is should do earlier “service accounts” system, because it is a large number of enterprises to its account of one of the most direct function added.

now do the system, must be some “weibo imitate WeChat”, but this ignores the point: that is the platform is essentially the result of sina weibo logic evolution of their products.

here, the fans service platform the purpose of this product are already clear:

1, for ordinary users to provide more services, enhance the user viscosity, especially in the mobile terminal.

2, account to fans from the enterprise service platform, this is a clear liquid path worth exploring.