The expert inside course of study: the Android platform is still far behind the pace of iOS

a long time since I hear from Android industry will become “the first operating system platform” in the field of intelligent device. People frequently quoted shipments or installed capacity, etc, in my opinion, not much valuable data, to prove the above argument. In fact, the so-called “Android dominating wulin” or “Android as the primary platform developers” fable, will become a distant myth. No matter how fast the Android development, market share, the iOS application developers will become the preferred platform. The reason is very simple, money and engineering structural factors restrict the development of Android.

1. The iOS in the United States is still the most influential intelligent operating system, while according to the research data showed that Android market share in the third quarter to peak (nearly 80%), but with the release of the iPhone 5 s, statistics in the fourth quarter of interesting changes will occur. At the same time, such as the United States in the high-tech entrepreneurship has incomparable advantages, so in the United States market occupy a position of strength, iOS will undoubtedly get more developers “favor”.

2. In recent years, I talked with a lot of the third party application development team, a common complaint is that an app for Android platform development costs about iOS 3-5 times. The causes of this phenomenon are various, such as provided by the Android development tools is not enough professional, complex redundant API and less public senior development function, the much-maligned application quality, mainly ecological fragmentation problem, of course.

3. The high cost is just on the other hand, due to the threshold of developers into the capital in recent years more and more high, want to “survive” developers, must make full use of every ounce of financing. Often, developers in the seed round can get $800 to $12 million, but he is not only to develop the application of a near perfect, more to prove their application within a period of time the investor has the enough attraction. In general, an application to launch in a few years, has had 5 to 10 times the ability to attract users.

4. The influence of the VCS is not only reflected in the injection of funds, more embodied in the concept of venture capital control of the developers. Usually, there is no app can according to the theory of linear development route development, it must meet the needs of staged financing. Some specific, want to get a seed round of funding applications, must meet the following three conditions: compelling entrepreneurial teams, the huge market potential, good product ideas; After again, want to get A round of funding you will need to meet more different benchmark: obvious ability to attract, can repeat work user growth strategy, previous ideas can realize cash requirements.

5. Under normal circumstances, can only make $1 million in financing entrepreneurial teams employ the following employees: a client-side developers (iOS or Android), a designer, a responsible for the backend application engineer. In fact, many often double as much as the founders of technology, is responsible for the backend development, and to worry about commercial operation, etc. The key problem is that the time is short: in my opinion, for the survival of a developer and startup test period only 18 months. If during this period, developers do not prove that their products market appeal, so the product will soon be forgotten.

6. Comprehensive above cost factors considered (refer to the above 2, 3, 4, 5), almost no application development team will be in consideration of the Android platform are pointed out. For the simple reason that the Android fragmentation problems caused by the huge development and maintenance costs. Even on the iOS platform, developers will struggle to realize the request of the investors (because there is no money, what can do). Therefore, all developers will be (almost) iOS as the preferred object.

7. As A result, an interesting phenomenon has emerged: developers to obtain seed round, will first develop iOS version of the application, but after received A round of funding, will in order to expand the scale of the user login factors such as the Android platform. The causes of this phenomenon is obvious, the iOS platform can not only reduce development and maintenance costs, but also has more strong cashability (advertisers preferred, application, for example, buy into, etc.). Recently, according to a survey of the iOS platform in Facebook’s advertising revenue is 1790% of Android. For those Android visionary, that they may be the most sad news. Developers on the Android platform unequal time cost and eventually benefit, Android will not be the first choice of the developer, of course.

8. A lower cost, stronger, more reliable cashability development tools, seems to be the iOS in winning a magic weapon of the developers. In the survival period of 12 to 18 months (mean seed A turn round, between developers must prove their application has A huge market potential), developers can choose iOS, because for Android developers, they need to “suffer” A long time. Even so, still is one of the few survivors, although many developers make the perfect application, but because there is no financing again.

9. Even so, the increasingly fierce competition let application developers days became more difficult. Many successful developers won A round of funding, still on the verge of dying. By large companies (Facebook, Google, yahoo, etc.) acquisition is a phenomenon occurs. There are some mature the technology giant iOS application development engineer, etc. These people in 1-2 years of commitment to cash (earn – out period, it is to point to by both parties to the value and risk judgment, transform the traditional one-time payment into according to a certain period of future performance of trading patterns) will once again choose to develop new applications, the iOS is their first choice. Even when they leave the big company, if you still choose to venture, they will still be more enamored of the iOS platform. For iOS, it will form a virtuous cycle.

of course, the openness of the Android really makes it a more “modern” than the iOS platform, Android itself the reality of the situation is not optimistic. In view of the limitation of structural factors such as cost, developers can’t bypass the iOS directly via the Android. An ignorant man is always brazenly claimed that the market has been at the best moment, but I don’t see it that way. Based on the application layer software development of the market have been rendered acceleration development, integration of hardware and software need huge capital support.

developed a valuable mobile application is very difficult. Huge costs and limited capital support, seems to make the iOS has become a more favorable platform for developers. As a result, I’ve always thought advocating “Android is good enough” and “Android and iOS equal confrontation” thought all need a long time to realize.

author introduction:

Steve Cheney

Steve Cheney application engineer, writer. Now rely on business development director, has rich technology background. Morgan Stanley investment banker, kaplan independent scholar. Graduated from the university of California, electrical engineering bachelor’s degree, the MBA at Columbia University.