The experience of reading: over the years, I abandon subscribe to the print media

the author: Wang Cai minister

this article, starting from personal experience, talk about the history of science and technology change brought about by the individual reading experience.

come home from work, bow in shoes looked up, saw a pile of magazines in the corner of the table, a lot of this even without opening packaging plastic film, can not help but full of apologies. As a media people, every day to read a lot of information, has formed a professional habit, but how long I haven’t seen this magazine, well… 1 months? 2 months? I’ve lost count of chu. Subscription to June this year, after the end I decided not to renew it.

this is a weekly, so-and-so financial weekly, I once for its content, so the magazine founded soon, I’ll subscribe to date, more than four years. Today, although its content level drops, many companies report also dismissed as flatly light pr draft, but still is not bad in a media, its editor insisted that the character of its own.

I put it on striking table is also hope to remind yourself: remember to look at it, remember to look at it. But there has been no see it, even if simply double. Because, I have no time to see it. More busy, no time is not because I still read a lot of information every day, but I more reading time in the last two years has been contributing to mobile phones, tablet, the magazines are not moving, they all end of the paper that can be easily carrying, reading anytime and anywhere. I’ll hard, and only 24 hours, 1 day, reading time is always limited, I can only give up paper reading.

a year ago, also be I give up and one new newspaper, I subscribe to the newspaper because the newspaper news character of early insist. (I mentioned the word character again, this is the so-called news ideal FKK) this paper should be as early as two years ago I gave up the subscription, but the issue of the newspaper responsible for my residential subscriptions team leader Lao zhang dealt with me, some cooked, one year I said don’t renew it, but he couldn’t help old piece the door begging – subscriptions associated decline will affect its performance salary reasons such as (Lao zhang is the north drift farmers), my heart a soft, and continued for two years, but never watch, all to do taobao business next door neighbor do wrapping paper. At the end of last year’s subscription, Lao zhang finally didn’t come to me, I would not be booked.

two years ago, I gave up and xyz business magazine (I subscribe to it but also because it has a cow force, editor, give it up because I feel editor is no longer serious content).

earlier, I also subscribed to the xyz character weekly, and so on ten kinds of mainstream press over the weekend, and even a monthly specially discusses media business. I subscribe to the print media, most often to collect my mailbox stuffed, property of an aunt to see a few times, finally could not help but ask me, hello Mr Rich ah so many newspapers and magazines. I faltered out half-truths to tell a little lie, I worked as a reporter, these are all brothers media resource – in fact I which have so big face, a prick silk journalists.

over the years to give up the cause of the subscribe to the print can be boiled down to simple: this media content not decline in the quality or character, character (at least in my view) is not from now on I no longer care. But I am ready to give up only subscribe to so-and-so, distinct, and the reason of the financial weekly because by moving the reading time away!

a decade ago, gradually spreading in the PC, mobile phone, had more than a discussion of electronic reading. My friends often tell me something: “I’m not used on the PC screen, tiny mobile phone screen reading reading the news, new forms of reading is far from holding a book, newspaper reading is comfortable”. That the user experience should be in the minority, so the products were launched specifically cater to reading demand of electronic reader (or books). E-books than PC and mobile phone, the screen is more suitable, also more convenient to carry and producers also have to “electronic ink”, “does not hurt the eye”, “paper book feel” for the selling point, so I watch the e-book industry for a long time, thought that is the future of reading.

until into the mobile Internet era, reading experience and changed: smartphone screen becomes larger, tablet computers become very popular, the battery can last for a long time, and the mobile terminal with the Internet is to keep the unicom. So, whether from reading comfort or fragmentation era characteristics, reading habits had been moving to electronic transfer. Through the smart phone, reading the news every day has become my habit. E-book industry is still in, but it is thing of the past, has been gradually collapse.

in fact, the electronic reading behind the associated industries are also quietly changing. News media, for one, ten years ago, the network media is very low, even is not as a media to see. In the network media work, even if you have the original interview, but you are embarrassed to say oneself is a journalist. Today, version agency (name) still does not recognize the network media with original interview, but in fact all of the network media is doing the original work. The audience began to respect the network media, network media is no longer seen as non-mainstream.

this PC Internet era of ten years or so, as the change of reading experience, network media reversed transmission media, and growing, the achievement of this age sina, netease, tencent, sohu and other several big information portal.

as for the old paper media, in the era of idea for the decline has become inevitable. This kind of change, has been fulfilled by the foreign media.

the first message, March 17, 2009, 146 – year – old “the Seattle post-intelligencer” stop issuing print, became the first to replace print issue of the nation’s newspapers online.

the latest news, on December 31, 2012, the United States “Newsweek” stop issuing printed, instead focus on content of Global news weekly (Newsweek) Global issue.

but it is ok to print to online? If just check on the PC. In recent years, it is not difficult to see, began to transition into the era of mobile Internet, there are already moving in reversed transmission PC. Even the sina, once the king of the portal, its traditional architecture, is no exception to threatened, portal decline has some signs.

who do not develop mobile reading side, even if there are quite a buffer period, development bottom go to, also will decline. By far the most significant trend is the mobile reading side will be represented by WeChat erosion of traditional web portal. Every day we WeChat public through the media, WeChat group, circle of friends in the hottest information.

in China, similar thinking about future changes in media is already not very fresh. But today, when I heard a mainstream magazine editor at the meeting he said, he is thinking about going to when to give up it’s paper recently published and focus on doing the mobile end, I was surprised, I hope he said is not empty words.

I’m surprised there is a reason. Although the crisis of paper-based media has become a consensus in it, but all thought is still in the discussion stage, most media editor may save the fluke (differentiated content may not die) or a bet on a cushion of (is it), have the courage to make decisions of media manager haven’t appeared. From foreign as a case of first, print media in the Internet age, the fall is often first newspaper, as for the magazine, according to a senior media person ShenYin, magazines and at least 10 years of good times.

so at that time, I really want to say to the editor, just do it! This is a smart decision! In the history of China’s media development is sure to leave a. Finally I have no face to face, and he said, could have flattery does.

however, move the media age, the need to make attempts to, is not a conversion can be successful, it needs and the content of the media age old production process, thought to make thorough farewell, to establish the suitable methods of production, otherwise, the pioneer tend to become martyrs. How to do, is not my ability can be here.

back to the beginning, I first mentioned the editor in chief of the finance and economics magazine editor also can yet be regarded as a keen, at least in two years ago, they were introduced for Pad to read paid version, the price is cheaper, save more easily. Perhaps, I will in the end the paper version of the electronic subscription to subscribe to it, as long as its content level is in the range of my tolerance.

in this paper, starting from the I black