The earth is too dangerous, even Google has been black!

science and technology of foreign media reported on The Web, Google search Google home page in The Palestinian ps was hacked. It is reported that a group called “Hackteach” claimed responsibility for the incident.

hackers in Palestinian Google search page with the following words:

“uncle Google is good, we would like to remind you that this country should be called Palestine in Google maps, rather than Israel”.

earlier this year, at the United Nations as salam fayyad’s status has changed – as a nonmember observer, rather than an independent existence, so Google in the search results, change the “Palestinian” to “the Palestinian Territories” (the Palestinian Territories).

Google spokesman said that this domain name has not been hijacked, they are in contact domain operators, make the site returned to normal as soon as possible.

Ps: Google now. Ps has been restored.