The democratic progressive party (DPP) legislator requires regulation of millet mobile phone: bitch is melodramatic

according to Taiwan’s united evening news release news, Taiwan’s democratic progressive party (DPP) legislator for machine control millet, cause is the great democratic progressive party (DPP) legislator Chen the pearl classmate say China is Taiwan “enemies” (the meaning of the TMD is definitely not small arsenic, soon put out the original), so that Taiwan should not be used millet mobile phone, but with the Taiwan’s mobile phone. Another democratic progressive party officials Cai Huang more cattle, the truth is when spy, millet mobile phone to Taiwan and dedicated the legislation bird!

two democratic progressive party (DPP) adult speech passionate, people under the urine, smooth netizens bristle a harvest.

small arsenic estreat textual immediately as follows: “the DPP legislator Chen the pearl on the morning of foreign national defense commission inquiry said in parliament, the north Korean leader, Kim jong UN, know that can’t use the enemy 3 c equipment, so use mobile phones in Taiwan. Democratic progressive party (DPP) Cai Huang question, mainland millet machine sold on the Internet to Taiwan 100000, millet machine has put sex isn’t there a software program, distance hacking function, what do we have any control hostile countries produce communications equipment to Taiwan? He asked shall establish special law, maintain the 3 c network security.”

the two adult speech has four main contents: first, the mainland’s Taiwan hostile countries (again reiterated that this is not a small arsenic); Second, all the enemies is software placement program, distance hacking kind of spy function; Third, millet mobile phone belong to the mainland that Taiwan “enemies” (don’t be too tired, must be repeated once it doesn’t mean little arsenic); Fourth, the two adult intelligence can only with Kim jong UN.

a little familiar, right? Because America refused to huawei, political issue pull eggs for several years, but the main problem is that the two legislator’s adult, you really when Taiwan is the United States? You really when huawei is millet?

online reply quite telling: “someone mentioned that huawei, zte things in the United States, the somebody else that is the government procurement, they felt that huawei, zte has the government background, went with them. Millet a private company, was sold to civilian use, and listen to what? Spy?” Small arsenic suddenly think, if the same logic, people using the iPhone, in mainland China with HTC on the mainland, with SONY’s people on the mainland, it is respectively in the United States, Taiwan and Japan… In addition, HTC what appeared to be are processing on the mainland, the joke.

some questions, whether two adults suffering from persecution paranoia? Small arsenic don’t know, so hurriedly summary statement:

bitch is hypocrisy.

PS: also extract the various comments of PTT netizen, seems a little one-sided, but look at is also very interesting.

hiss t77133562003: HTC want to control 04/29 opening
-> wuliou: hateful I always laugh XDDDDDDDDD 04/29 opening
-> MyDarling: control, benefit will be HTC 04/29 opening
Hush TZUYIC: joke 04/29 opening
Push sheepxo:… Legislative level so poor 04/29 opening
Millet -> willis0623: convert into the United States is also common to 04/29 opening
Pushed the Wii, this idea is right But a bit too much.. 04/29 opening
-> TZUYIC: against the against to 04/29 brow broken opening
-> damonter: super funny CAI XX know where HTC is made? XDDD low X to the point where 04/29 17:34
Push davy50707: make legislative again in 04/29 17:34
President pushed the tchialen, love with black tea shop I doubt that China has bought off eavesdropping 04/29 17:34
-> davy50707: a pile of the products made in China Lenovo computers were sold a few years the 04/29 caught
Push cloudygrkl: what is to be tapped? Head put X 04/29 caught
-> qazse000: apple is to disable the… 04/29 caught
Pushed the Argentine, compared to Kim jong UN==? 04/29 slew both
-> enzof50: welcome to show out ~ 04/29 slew both
Pushed the dogbydog, HTC is operating system as 04/29 people in the United States ah slew both
SHH s2678132: the head.. Sure enough color won’t XX 04/29 answering right
Before -> damonter: kick the door after the woman love machine (?) The king Is great than the circus 04/29 answering
SHH crave: to control and control of huawei mobile phone ~ huawei have military background ~ communication itself do 04/29 answering
04/29 -> ji394su33000: naive covenant
-> Kazimir: let me think of the story of Mark Twain’s book was banned.. 04/29 covenant
SHH lolic: the democratic progressive party (DPP) don’t choose the funny all day 04/29 covenant
-> lolic: the kuomintang are now into this democratic progressive party (DPP) is too much ticket 04/29 covenant
-> takuminauki: DPP really waste… Bad party 04/29 covenant
-> a8330028: that foxconn Your table machine are almost 04/29 “
SHH wayne3611qwe: true kui he wants to come out 04/29 “
Push pooznn: China’s PC production NB abstain keyboard mouse first one!!!!!!!!!!! 04/29 “
SHH shianreon: the democratic progressive party (DPP) really don’t have to chose a 04/29 “

tianya netizens in Taiwan is a handsome guy: I listen to the well pre-pubescent, see about his quack (small arsenic admire, the end of the world since ancient times more people… )
Taiwan netizens trial has arrived: this is murdered paranoia? Later than politicians to China is allowed to return good, strong challenge one into the other side is absorbed.

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