The company 1520: nokia 6 inch models with a monster, or released in late September (true machine exposure picture)

although we hate all sorts of rumors, but in the Internet technology, any new message starts from the rumor.

recently, news about nokia to launch 6 inch tablet phone. The first part of the media that nokia will launch at the end of the code-named “Bandit” 6 inch tablet. And then revealed a great god @ evleaks on Twitter, points out that the tablet will be named as “the company” 1520.

a wave of something new. Yesterday, technology website and Revelations in what was known as the prototype of the company 1520 photos.

according to foreign media reports TheVerge science and technology, the company nokia 1520 basic configuration:

qualcomm Xiao dragon quad-core processors;

screen resolution of 1080 p (nokia in the production of the first resolution of 1080 p WP8 phones);

20 million rear camera;

in order to more frivolous, the device will use polycarbonate material;

Windows Phone 8 GDR3 factory pick up update the system, the update to Windows Phone 8 system to support more configuration, including qualcomm 800 quad-core chip Soc.

if the above information is true, then the nokia will also join the increasingly hot “phone” () in the market. Previously, samsung launched the Galaxy Mega (6.3 inches, the screen resolution of 720 p, 8 million megapixel camera) has been in the contract price of $149.99, cause the attention of all the media.

in addition, according to the media, this 1520 mobile phones, the company will be issued by the most likely at the end of September.