The blackberry suspected for application of BBM brush reputably

the blackberry BBM application login yesterday the Android platform. At present, in the Google apps platform Play Store has received more than 150000 comments, is a good beginning. But twitter called Matt Baxter – Reynolds’ users pointed out that many comments can look with some water.

a considerable part of content is almost consistent, another part is the appearance of a careless comments – the lack of punctuation, sentence is not so smooth.

cited an example: “thank you very much for the blackberry team work! Waiting for the application for a long time! User friendly degree is really high, use smooth all right!”

technology blog Terence Eden in-depth combed the comments. He found at least one commenter in “too keen to” copy and paste. A passage shows “please according to the following text comments new blackberry BBM android applications: ‘thank you very much for the blackberry team… ‘”. This text with the same bizarre comments as a knot.

it is true that at present does not have strong evidence that BBM outpouring of praise behind the existence of a malicious brush evaluation of behavior, but so many bad reviews are obviously illogical. The industry also has many malicious brush company, blackberry predicament of the current financial crisis’s really hard to let a person do not make lenovo – through various means to encourage users to download to use BBM is obviously for blackberry is extremely advantageous. After all, BBM is one of the blackberry ace can now. Blackberry’s former chief executive Jim Balsillie before departure will BBM business success of retrieval, make it no longer subject to the blackberry their systems and equipment.

of course, the BBM itself is indeed a good application. In fact, Ars Technica senior product specialist Andrew Cunningham is a super fan of BBM. Unfortunately, when I saw countless pages full of “thank you very much for the blackberry team… “After the BBM on comments area, rapidly occupation is damage to the image of the blackberry, also affect the mood of one thing. And whatever a potential customer’s point of view, the blackberry powder estimates are hard to accept the situation.