The blackberry: how long can you live?

shortly after the announced looking to sell the blackberry, nokia came the news of a buyout by Microsoft. In earlier MOTOROLA, former mobile phone king, seems to be not escape the fate of the “end”. Although compared with the former two, founded in 80, s the blackberry can be a later the younger generation, but it is like nokia, has a very glorious history. The years that kill pig knife, however, has turned the darling of torture to dying.

troublous times? Job cuts, loss of news repeatedly

on Friday, the market under the pressure, hines has to release the blackberry in the second quarter earnings. Though bad-mouthing blackberry voice with already, but the bad writing papers or shocking. It is reported, the blackberry company expects second quarter loss is as high as 9.5 $ 9.95 1 $, including 9.6 1 $is due to a lot of unmarketable Z10 phone. In addition, the revenue of blackberry in the second quarter is expected to be 16 billion dollars, was only about half of the previous analysts predict. At the same time, the blackberry shipments for this quarter 370 ten thousand, and last week released a New generation of iPhone , more than the number in the weekend alone. for a once the iPhone full touch screen mobile phone makers, the earnings forecast is one of the biggest disgrace.

blackberry Z10

reference, it never rains but it pours. On the same day that the blackberry said it would cut 4500 person, than the company’s global total employees ( 1.1 ten thousand 40% . not only that, the blackberry official also said that the future will stop supply 6 section of the blackberry 2 product. it is reported, by the nasdaq stock market closed on Friday, the blackberry fell 1.80 , 8.73 $, or more than 17% .

one good thing came out of it? Z30 , BBM it is difficult to reverse the situation

this string of bad news, let us not only curious: “blackberry as an independent mobile phone manufacturer also can last long? Former hero and return of the king that day?”

on Wednesday, the blackberry has released a new generation of flagship smartphone – Z30 . According to some reports in science and technology, the device’s was released a year ago Xiao dragon S4 Pro processor. Associated with the application itself is constrained by BB10 system with such a configuration in the end, this one flagship of the blackberry want to in the increasingly competitive smartphone market share, it is almost impossible. What’s more, a New generation of iPhone products such as publishing, leaving Z30 market share even less.


another blackberry hope is BBM , this instant messaging tool finally in the third year logged in Android and iOS platform (according to the report,). However, facing the already existed fragmented mobile IM market, perhaps the wise decision to some late. Previously, , the blackberry company is planning to BBM , as an independent company. It is understood that the company name is . In addition, the blackberry will provide New BBM company, and send some executives, in order to continue to develop BBM application. Foreign technology press TechCrunch say, BBM be split out for two reasons: one is to add BBM exposure, and WhatsApp into competition; The second is to make acquisitions in order to attract investors.


blackberry sales, who will come to bid?

in front of the blackberry has been ill, bosses buying power is obvious. For only a few potential buyers, they focused on the blackberry of some profitable divisions of the company, and don’t want to swallow the fishbone. According to Reuters, the majority of buyers of the blackberry and interested in operating system and patents about the keyboard, but they are reluctant to buy blackberry company as a whole.

may be the most promising buyers, Microsoft was once a blackberry can be as 72 1 $to buy nokia, the potential of a good marriage has evaporated. Though blackberry announced that it will return to the enterprise market, can be in the outside world, it seems, it may eventually go acquisition or privatisation delisting of the road. According to the Wall Street journal reports, sources said, the founder of the blackberry Mike Lazaridis are in talks with private equity investment company, likely open a joint bid. It is understood that the private equity firms including blackstone and Carlyle group made contact.

blackberry have missed?

it is clear that the blackberry to it today, mainly because it made two mistakes in time.

first, missed a wave of mobile intelligent devices. 2007