The blackberry CEO Haynes says Q10 sales will reach tens of millions of units

according to foreign media reports, the blackberry CEO, kirsten Haynes (Thorsten Heins), said he expected the Q10 smartphone shipments will reach tens of millions of units.

Q10 began Monday in the UK sales, many stores inventory quickly sold out. Q10 hot stimulus blackberry shares rose 3.9%, reached $15.61 in pre-market trading.

Haynes says, “Q10 sales start well. Q10 will be sold to more than 70 million blackberry users, we have high expectations of its sales, and is expected to reach tens of millions of sales department.

last week, andeven Q10 physical keyboard and battery life praise, said Q10 is many users expect for the return of the qwerty keyboard.

after being marginalisation of apple iPhone and Android phones, blackberry will revive hopes on the BB10 operating system. The blackberry smartphone market share in global shrinking fast, earlier this year has dropped out of the top five.

the blackberry so far only released two BB10 equipment. Configuration of touch screen Z10 since January release shipments has reached 1 million units, late march began to enter the American market. The blackberry plan by the end of the second quarter in the global range launched Q10.