The beauty of wu “: the story is very beautiful branding is very hard

in this paper, the author is the IT manager the world reporter liu qi

2 years ago, I began to write group-buying, xing-he wang wu is I often confusing two people, though they will easily from the way you looked, but for me, that time almost all group-buying companies into a mire of homogeneity, so that the founder’s personality seems to be no way. After the story gradually have the difference, one still insist on, and puts forward billions of target’s low-key, another after rumors investors control the company step by step, finally to be a new story.

my new company of wu “beauty” “are interested in is whether the new start-ups attracted enough hot word: O2O, fast fashion, high inventory and zero inventory, all retail channels, China Zara and H& M… It is interesting to note that we often see the trend is also my identity, business model of logical sense, if according to lei jun “standing on the tuyere, pig can fly”, the story of the us and Canada is very beautiful, but there always have the strange feeling.

why do you say the “standing on a” hole “?

it is a traditional garment industry is the throes of channel system restore O2O integration is a must do, but it’s hard to acute complete transformation, sometimes many people feel unable to realize in the traditional system. Beauty “there are two opportunities: one is to help the traditional product card to complete this process, do a good job in selling water; Second, similar LeiJunYong Internet way manufacturing millet, docking upstream manufacturers and downstream stores, a new fast fashion brand.

in the electricity business people talk to me, have a home textile industry executives, he said he would try to children’s wear brand new founded in attempt to “channel flat + O2O online integration” model of traditional plate is difficult to operation, also want to know what we often do, maybe be able to work together. For now, however, we often should be chose the second path. Beauty “is defined as a” O2O chain of fast fashion brand “, not a channel brand. If producers to be branded, or both sides to discuss a new brand, maybe be able to work together.

2 is for O2O try the water in the offline physical sales outlets, is very important for the modification of the POS machine connected to the Internet. I have a friend in more than two years ago began to try to do that, and he is in the brands of store POS machine and internal ERP system on the basis of get through, again through the internal electricity EC system, then the docking, including jingdong, Tmall each big platform interfaces, in simple terms, the enterprise internal ERP system, on the basis of building a similar external cloud ERP system. That the benefits of real-time warehouse management, every POS flash or online order can minus the response of stock data, real-time inventory management of agile.

why is more important than any other system, POS system, my friend said that the core is to “control” for offline flows: not for cash flow control, can never achieve stability of continuous O2O, O2O is unlikely to become a business model; Once formed on the system and the control of cash flow, and can be online after combining the KPI assessment.

wu also mentioned the POS machine, he described: “(with music) POS are made, PAD and a mobile phone at any time with carved around the sales information is reflected in our center, can be called cloud, is the server anyway.” He also describes what you see with the drawbacks of the industry, “stores POSS machine is not connected to the Internet, a lot of big brands don’t know how to sell the goods, the information is not usually, once the different field, combined with the cause of the climate, the reason of competition on the net, carrying the goods into the channels, can’t sell to move”.

as far as I know, anta from last year to start doing offline store POS machine, on the other hand, says everyone saw this trend, just start from the paper, the us and Canada don’t have much game problem, will be much easier.

three is all retail channels are common in the retail industry in the future, but no one dare say he is the best. My colleague sina science and technology of beauty reporter Tracy described: “in the United States” the user can through the web, mobile terminals, store shopping at any time, online shopping channels provided by the stores at the same time, to be able to show more goods, the user can choose the store consumption, can also choose to express home.” This is the idea of a whole channel, I can only say everybody saw, easier said than done.

talking about the big trend, also give wu some business advice:

it is on the issue of the POS, there’s almost under the line of most stores hardly to the combination of “unionpay + rich base facility”. My friend is to want to work with quick at the start-up stage, push bilateral cooperation custom POS machine, but it seems there are some policy risk. At present, pay treasure to the POS machine to try still stays in the Courier industry, during last year’s double ten year, Tmall trying in 400 auto 4 s shop free issued POS machine, maybe this is a good sign.

2 is the way I do discount forms a friend brand for the future direction of the view that brand in China’s retail market will face the challenge of an “extreme”, namely “those who know the brand is becoming more and more out faster and faster” brand. So there will be three kinds of brands for three types of customers: a user chase brand worship, overseas brand will be more popular; A user doesn’t care about the brand logo, but the design and quality of care, muji is a standard type; There is a pursuit of price and bargain hunting, tao brand, fast fashion brand will be favored, but also cruel competition.

so, branding is a very hard thing.

the third is the mistakes that don’t do it again old once, the current supply chain and retail industry in China has more. My friend said before a report to the aged, the paper said old went to the south, to send Now China’s garment industry has a backlog of so many inventory, saying “these online sell enough,” my friend is anticipation every guest to have an accident. Indeed, what happens next is that the crisis of high inventories. Most of the time, the Internet is people feel with their own technology systems and the Internet marketing can overturn the traditional industry, but it is precisely the upstream supply chain and a lot of hidden rules of the industry support the upset.

my friend gives such a suggestion: transform the retail industry to transform the entire industry chain from the beginning. Why American apparel brands not so serious crisis, the inventory is brands is in accordance with the order to production, rather than blindly production plan, the next department store retailers are almost buy handmade, bought only purchase is made, and they can not sell off the goods were eventually get discount formats of digestion. But in China, on the one hand, the production plan is blind and predict the basic purpose, on the other hand still push channel is given priority to, moving inventory risk to distributors, fair here sometimes is just a gimmick. Also, is the domestic brands can’t do similar zara delay production of flexible supply chain strategy. At home to do the best may be the belle, can do the first single production by 20%, according to the sales situation, make a design or replenishment, etc to adjust in time, as far as possible to avoid the blindness of prediction.

according to my peers the first ivy judgment of finance and economics, the “like” online + offline “mode, it is a bigger story. However, as long as do retail is hard work, there is no shortcut. For example, beautiful and happy Lack of “cement” in the team, and start-up idea is elected by the manager of an offline industry play experience, display and other specialty, but at present domestic groups lack of really good buyer, store location, category and commodity structure, and so on all need professionals.

PS 1, Vipshop can do well, is that it struck many cool people in traditional industries, such as from jun, head of the department of the past investment too.

4) is a gift to my friend in POS machine feeling after the failure of the project: the opportunity not to think clearly and have the ability, but for people with a good background and good capital relationship. According to his judgment, being as project support of the yuan beauty “half a year is no problem.

so, this is what I want to say today, the story of the us and Canada is very beautiful, logic also pass, but you need to give up the idea of cutting corners, do not do hard work.

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