The banking system safe? Testers invasion more than 1000 bank without fail!

Jim Stickley is a “thief” and so far he has invaded more than 1000 Banks, but never was arrested. It is because of his existence, our account is more safe. Srickley’s true identity is “penetration testers”, a network of safety to the bank shot of the world.

his life a little bit like 1992 years to make a movie starring Robert Dr. Redford hackers “thief” in the scene is a bit similar, Banks, government agencies and businesses will hire Stickley to test their network security.

he told us that, in order to enter a bank, he would pretend to be a worker and let bank staff felt that he is worthy of trust, and escort him to the bank’s offices and secret areas. Once in the bank inside, he would secretly install keylogger and wireless network card, to steal credit card Numbers, a debit card, bank accounts, social security number and other personal information.

he said his favorite themselves dressed as a firefighter. He has bought a fireman badge on the net, now he has every state of firefighters badges, though no one is going to have a look at these things seriously. In addition, he also can be in the store to buy authentic firefighters uniform, in order to make his appearance more perfect no loophole, he even on a belt don’t a fireman dedicated radio. Outside the bank holding his partner and another radio as a meet. Associates will always talk to him by radio, let everything looks more realistic. And then he can free access to the bank, and install keyboard recorder. Keyboard recorder is a little flash device, can record every keyboard actions.

he said: “we will try to score a computer network. In the bank, for example, we will open network port office area with a wireless device, and then we can attack in the parking lot car.”

in addition to the firemen costume, he also use other uniforms. Extermination of workers, he says, is also a good identity.
He made as a does not violate the law. Before any bank theft, he will obtain the necessary legal authority. However, the bank staff and police do not know his job content, therefore may react. In theory, they should find his “suspicious behavior” and stop him. Terrible is that they never do that.

Stickley has been engaged in the work for 20 years, but never miss. Once, he almost found, cleaner noticed his suspicious behavior, and call the police. He presented the fake employee badge and tried to let them put him in.

Stickley said: “people always thought that hackers will only through technology into the bank, but that is not the case. Criminals will easy to start.” In other words, they will dress up to look like a fireman, then marched into the bank.

over the years, he let the Banks become more secure. For ordinary bank customers, he put forward such a proposal: to continue using your Internet connection, the safety of his and ATM machine or branch bank are the same, but don’t let your children use the computer you used to log in the bank on the net, the children will download and install anything. Download and install the software from the Internet may be unwittingly you to install a virus in your PC.