The application of the user response iOS7 zoom animation effects make them feel dizzy

according to foreign media science and technology The Verge reports, recently many apple users have complained that the iOS7 system, the application of the zoom animation effects, let them felt so dizzy.

New iOS7 since launch, it has attracted a great deal of controversy. In addition to flatter the aesthetic part caused by the user’s question, iOS7 of BUG sometimes appear too. The other day, hunting cloud network reported that some users to upgrade to the iOS7 after the Chinese input method cannot be used.

the users complain focused on iOS7 in the design application of animation effects. An apple on the BBS user wrote: “ iOS7 in the application of opening and closing of the zoom into the fly out effect, let me feel a sense of motion sickness.”

it is understood that although the iOS7 with “campaign to Reduce” ( Reduce Motion) this Settings, this function can only seem to Reduce the application of the main screen animation effects. In fact, the zoom animation effects over the whole iOS7 system, especially when the user open and close an application, or enter the multitasking menu, this phenomenon is more serious.

a user called glassrabit said: “as long as one began to use my the , I feel dizzy. “another user said:” since my iPhone to upgrade to the iOS7 after a day on the way home I have a feeling seasick “.

a lot of users on the BBS hope apple can solve the above problem for them, but apple’s response was, this animation effects can’t completely removed. A user named BurgerKing, said: “when I use the original system, almost haven’t encountered any problems”.

so far, apple did not comment.

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