The apple fall, foxconn to seek diversified Firefox OS “testing the waters”

is in the first paragraph of the built-in Firefox OS smartphone was only a month later, now from Mozilla and spread the good news. One of the world’s largest hardware manufacturers – foxconn will join the Mozilla coalition, and will launch a Firefox OS phones. According to engadget reported (), Mozilla and foxconn have confirmed the cooperation intention, and 3 from next month, held a joint press conference in Taipei. Foxconn, will officially join the Mozilla coalition, and will have at least a carry released Firefox OS hardware equipment. Although less than time, but the outside world to a new product that speculation. Foxconn will sell their own label, or act as a partner of hardware manufacturers again?

actually, long before this, the Wall Street journal reported foxconn to expand business scope, demand diversity partners. For one of the world’s largest hardware manufacturers foxconn (such as apple and SONY company production equipment), we will not feel strange. However, it is basically a “negative image” appeared in public view. The company hired “child labor”, known as “sweatshop” and poor working environment and so on many criticized by the media and people. But this time, foxconn back focus of public concern, because the company plans to transition. Foxconn has been worldwide, the biggest apple hardware equipment suppliers, but given the increasingly fierce fighting in the field of mobile Internet, foxconn, don’t want to commit suicide by hanging dead in apple’s a tree. A foxconn manager said, the company scale expanding, the existing main brand customers have already can’t meet the needs of the further growth of the foxconn. Foxconn, therefore, the next step is to actively develop their customer channels, ensure that the company’s sustained and rapid growth trend.

in addition to seeking new partners, the company will also have greater action. According to reports, foxconn, sales of own brand headset, keyboard, or cables. Even, it emerged that foxconn is now considering independent production iOS a full set of accessories. In addition, according to the Wall Street journal, in order to expand revenue, the company will also develop the cloud computing, software independent brands, and will set up their own retail stores. At present, foxconn is investing heavily in software research and development center in tainan, however, the specific investment will not be made public.