The Android 4.4 release, “new” mobile operating system facing extinction

yesterday, Google officially released a new generation of flagship phone 5 and Android4.4 Nexus. However, compared with the new products, more important is come from the “declaration” — Google “Android For All.” Android 4.4 is coming, who want to mid-range route FenRun Android’s share of the mobile system of it seems to be the end of the! Firefox OS faces under water crisis.

Android 4.4 hope to connect all the smart devices become platform

Android 4.4 is a prominent highlight theoretically entry-level smartphone can be normal use. That is to say, even if the user mobile phone deposit is only 512 MB, then he can also experience the Android 4.4 smoothly. Skin looked at the conference said: “in the Android 4.4 compared with those of JellyBean Chrome RAM will reduce runtime occupies 16%. All Google applications are optimized, so as to reduce memory usage. Multitasking between switch becomes more smooth.”

there is no doubt that the hardware low threshold, will bring more new users for Android. Analysts believe that the behavior will also link to a certain extent Android version of the fragmentation problem. Google’s “target”, however, are not only so far, we can see clearly the Android’s official website Google “declaration”, “Android For All And the Nexus 5”. Everyone (all equipment) of the Android, obviously, Google wants the Android “unified” smart devices operating system.

Android 4.4, Firefox OS such as taking “mid-range” line of the operating system will lose “attractive”

according to the Android is now occupy 81% of the smartphone operating system market. This means that “latecomers” want a piece of very difficult. Whether Android Allies or pure competitors want to Android. However, in the face of powerful Android ecosystem, the competitors’ optional upper path does not. Overall, such as Firefox OS, Tizen OS all want to go “mid-range” route, which the Android system relative to take up too much, caton phenomenon which appears in the mid-range phones Android was the they attract propaganda “tool”.

Firefox OS

the Mozilla CTO Brendan Eich said in a statement, for cheap hardware, Android to bloat. He pointed out that the Android 4.0 cannot run on less than 256 MB of memory device, which is still have manufacturers run Android 2.3 Gingerbread phones. He explained that Firefox OS without large amounts of memory, using the low-end processors can produce great smartphone sales.

according to press reports of science and technology, with Firefox OS smartphone has launched three, respectively, ZTE Open ($99), ALCATEL ONE TOUCH the Fire and LG Fireweb ($59). Firefox OS smartphone’s main market is population big emerging markets such as Brazil. Although many science and technology media reported in Firefox OS phone configuration with a word “to look”, but the official said sales were good, but did not disclose the specific shipments or market share.


Tize, developed jointly by Intel and samsung, the latter as the most powerful in Android oems are eagerly hope “indigenous” Tizen will one day become a compete with Android system. Samsung’s ambition seems to be not only like amazon to get a “Android branch”, it seems to be more willing to become the apple in the Android. In order to promote their own operating system, samsung has spent great effort. Some time ago, samsung in order to attract developers for Tizen application development, also held a huge bonuses hacker marathon competition. In spite of this, the world is not a pick up Tizen system of smartphone market. Only can see Tizen information is, samsung flagship smartphone Tizen in the skin. Shortly before the samsung developers conference, samsung low-key shows the Tizen, but for the development of Tizen said nothing. Media analysis thinks generally, in view of the “jump ticket” Tizen cell phones, presented the project also may have to wait until January consumer electronics show in Las Vegas.

Sailfish OS

if you are familiar with former partner to all users of the system to the Sailfish OS will not feel strange. Although nokia N9, nokia will focus to the WP platform, but the former partner did not die. The development team started a company named “blue” (Jolla), development as the successor of the former partner Sailfish OS phones. Jolla also attaches great importance to emerging markets such as China, and has signed with China’s domestic mobile phone retailers, retail sales agreement, cell phone makes Jolla partners in China. In addition, tencent also appears in the list of Jolla company of the first cooperation. Jolla, the former CEO of Marc Dillon said in Beijing to attend GMIC, for the Chinese market will promote the localization of the operating system, and the first Sailfish mobile phone will be released in the second half. However, so far, we haven’t seen carrying Sailfish OS mobile phones on the market in our country listed at the end of the year (claim).

to go “mid-range” route, to promote their own mobile phone operating system OEM a lot. However, on the one hand, the Android has a strong application ecosystem and market share; The Android 4.4, on the other hand, the strategy of “benefit” mid-range phones also seems to be the “latecomers” lost the last piece of land can be guarding.

it can be said that “benefit” introduction is not only a means of unity Android ecosystem, and will lead to more potential for its developers and users. This kill two birds with one stone steps, come to the ideal of schmidt: “I expect in the future, to forge a connection to the Android tool to the entire world.”