The Android 4.4 or into a low-end machine and wearable devices

recently, from the Wall Street journal reporter before Amir Efrati a fact, further to uncover the veil of the Android 4.4 (KitKat). The report pointed out that the future entry-level Android (512 MB) will also be able to use the latest Android system. In addition, the Android 4.4 will also have to open the curtain of wearable devices war ready.

Efrati says he has seen the function of the Android 4.4 confidential list, and found that the new system is the most important update is its for entry-level Android provides a better memory management. That is to say, the future of the RAM is 512 MB only mobile phones will also be able to use the latest Android system. So far, the existing Android devices in less than half of mobile phone can use the latest operating system. And this will increase the difficulty of the application developer for maintenance update. Above: “Android4.0 system too. If Google can find a solution, it may to a certain extent, ease the Android fragmentation problem.”

in addition, the source also revealed that the Android 4.4 system will let wearable devices such as rumors of Google intelligence watch has more powerful function and lower power consumption. Especially in including pacer (step detector), pedometer) (step counter and magnetometer (geomagnetic rotation vector) the help of the three sensors with Android Kikat system equipment will be more accurate positioning function, be a very practical health monitoring tracking products. Not only that, the Android 4.4 also supports and standard, this also is regarded as a new system for war preparedness of wearable devices.

another point it is worth noting that Efrati also pointed out that the Android 4.4 will also make the user’s smartphone infrared remote control. This function can be completed similar to NFC mobile payments and other tasks.

all of the above said information is still didn’t get any official comment, we are looking forward to the Android KiKat stunning appearance!