The amazon API: mobile advertising cross-platform gm


Beijing time on March 5, the morning news, amazon released Monday mobile advertising API (application programming interface), allowing developers to display advertisements within the application. The project is open to us only, so international users unable to benefit from this in such a short time.

as long as an Android application on the amazon Appstore shops, can be in any platform using the amazon advertising API. This means that if an application from the amazon platform to Google platform, will not need to change the advertising system of amazon to Google.

amazon said, this project will provide the competitive cost one thousand “, will not only show their own advertising, amazon will also show the brand advertisers ads. Amazon is a sample application shows a variety of different types of advertising. For example, “floating ads” can load banner ads from the bottom of the screen. While “Jane advertising” is more like a traditional banner ads.

amazon said, using the new advertising API developer has been a success. For example, Simple – founder James List Free legal (James Farrier) said: “we from another large advertising network after the switch to the amazon, income increased by 200%. Now I preferred the amazon, and then the other network, so our overall income has increased by 250%. Amazon’s effect is far more than we expected.”

(this article source: sina science and technology)