Thanks to Google Keep! The company downloads and usage increased significantly

abstract: can bring attention of things, not good or bad has a meaning. This is entirely appropriate words used to describe the company, since Google officially announced on the android platform release notes after class application Google Keep company downloads and usage has increased.

earlier this morning, I will give the company CEO Phil Libin talked to Google Keep a call. He is still with the realistic attitude, said: “Google Keep for his company has advantages and disadvantages. Harm is more competitive in the market now, benefits because of Keep appear to let more and more people begin to pay close attention to the category of software, which means that there are more and more people begin to pay close attention to the company.

Libin said it is as if the Weather iPhone software improves the other software, such as the Weather Channel’s attention. Google Keep will improve is similar to the company of such notes editing class application software. He said that was based on since last week’s news about the Keep out, the android version of the downloads will appear the obvious growth of the company.

in addition to admit than a week ago downloads and increased usage of Libin will not provide specific details or digital, but visible downloads and usage of growth have been enough to get his attention. He believes that Google Keep launch will not affect them and Google and momentum of development is the relationship between the android operating system. The company in all kinds of mobile platform lines is one of the most successful applications, whether in Android and iOS.