Terry gou, lei jun took Chen dream

cloud network hunting on March 21, quick review

lei jun what is the most often asked three questions?

a windfall, hunger marketing, Michael!

$4 billion NPC delegates, Mr Founded in golden hill software, these three questions with lei jun took to the life of another peak, although there have been Zhou Hongyi spoiler out “trouble”, but millet with rocket speed broke through all people’s imagination.

Lei jun said, I am not millet mobile phone make money! So the future of millet in where?

actually, lei jun pie would have finished. Triathlon, hardware, software and services.

about a year ago, a fund partner said to me, in the beginning, you do not understand, such as we all know, the money has been swept away by the lei jun to earn.

seems to be the truth, millet mobile phone, drive the millet Internet service, and drive the peripheral products fire, this series of trajectory is very like dominoes. A card made, have everything.

is millet mobile phone CARDS, it is pulled down and what?

“it is with the millet mobile phone as the center, to television, set-top boxes, the future is the reader, such as more hardware, hardware for millet electricity sales channels, through integration of a variety of hardware video, pictures, music and other Internet services, as well as Internet applications, such as electricity, game, construct” millet iec “.”

millet’s vision of a “personal application centre” on top of the future is, in plain English, lei jun reconstruction is not a mobile phone, but the dream of a platform. In this screen more linkage platform, contains a huge gold mine.

television, set-top boxes, how familiar, this is not the dream Chen?

“big deal sold the stock also should make IPTV.” , “grand IPTV to do one of the largest content providers”, “box is PC”, “box is not IPTV”, this is the bridge in pursuit of box when the declaration of love, for which he paid $450 million.

lei jun design platform not only contains the Chen family entertainment in the heart of the empire, boundary even wider, site even more.

this time, Mr. Gou is coming! The moment he entered the millet office represents the millet in the river’s lake has been approved by the world’s biggest contract status. Gou in one hand and a supply chain with a money, no matter which, lei jun to nearer to his dream.

why? It should be said, not beaten Chen tianqiao, lei jun, caught up with a good time!

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