Tencent’s investment in grand kibaki’s wu two problems

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by surrounding xiao-qiang hou and wu “silent” the starting point of the wave was the dust settles, the starting point of entrepreneurial team, led by wu, finally starry night defected to Mr Ma. The reader can be dispersed, but for the industry, the incident of has not a final verdict.

1, wu team breach of non-compete agreement?

wu before departure had mentioned MBO, wu team want to firmly hold by the way of management to add shares starting point Chinese territory, at the same time to strengthen inside the grand literary discourse. Wu found some are very interested in PE. Media have detail report about this: wu team of MBO plan is the first bid $400 million to $500 million, and Chen tianqiao offer is: buy $800 million starting point, buy shanda literature is $800 million. Chen tianqiao believe wu can not succeed, “the price of $800 million, I haven’t find buyers around the world. To deal with capital, you can better than me?”

say this I want to draw out, wu team “ambition” grand already perceive. Generally speaking, the high-level management positions like wu is certainly has a different degree of a non-compete agreement, but wu departure only less than a month, its industry and team and shanda literature rival tencent literature together. Would violate a non-compete agreement?

assumption wu team does not violate a non-compete agreement, I can only say that the management of shanda literature is too have a problem.

2, tencent want to report the enemy that the 3 q war grand?

previously, baidu and netease and wu team had approached. Just as speculation that wu exactly where to go, my friends always think his optimal choice may be baidu, as baidu library be badly in need of a product can digest it. But in the end is “flower falls” tencent.

, tencent will be out of the high leverage to attract wu, but I couldn’t help but want to stand in the Angle of the tencent network literature view in this matter. Why tencent will try so hard to do online literature. Penguins have QQ has acquired some reading Chinese website, we will continue to strengthen the interpretation of the layout of the network literature market also will work. But in addition to these reasons, tencent whether to take this opportunity to take the initiative to choose revenge?

revenge it should speak of from 3 q war, in 360 and tencent war, shanda is among the first position, support of 360.

when the two sides in combat, shanda’s game “eternal tower” the official website posted a called “360 safeguard security reminder” announcement, said that “given the recent 360 security guards report pointed out that tencent QQ has the problem of violation of user privacy. We remind you enter the account password, pay top-up, private talks, please turn off the QQ, to ensure personal information security.”

at the most critical moment, grand significantly pushed the tencent into gehenna, could have been in the stage of hesitation sohu to see big head, also on the 360 side.

tencent already more than a grand game, this grand old crowd, another new and old hatred. Presumably, grand and tencent’s future only cruel competition, the future of China’s Internet board will be more complicated.

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